You Can Now Add Your Sexual Orientation to Tinder

Tinder is now giving you the option to add your sexual orientation to your profile. This is designed to make Tinder more inclusive, and help the LGBTQ community feel more welcome in the app most associated with helping people find casual hookups.

When Tinder first launched it kept things very simple. Which meant you could either be a man or a woman seeking men, women, or both. In 2016, Tinder added more gender options, and now, three years later, Tinder is introducing sexual orientations.

How to Add Your Sexual Orientation to Tinder

As outlined in this post on the Tinder Blog, Tinder has added orientation options to the app. This means you can now choose to identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, demisexual, queer, or questioning, or a combination of up to three of the above.

When used alongside the gender options, this allows Tinder users to better identify who they are and what they’re looking for. Which should help users match with people they’re actually interested in matching with.

If you’re new to Tinder the onboarding experience now includes the option to add your sexual orientation from the start. Existing users who want to access the Orientation feature just need to edit their profile and tap Orientation to add more information.

Tinder worked with GLAAD on the new feature in an effort to be as inclusive as possible. However, Tinder understands it may need to update the feature in the future, and is seeking feedback if you would “like to see more sexual orientation terms added to Tinder”.

Beware These Tinder Mistakes and Tinder Scams

It has taken Tinder a long time to add sexual orientations, but it’s better late than never. It’s probably no coincidence that Tinder has introduced the Orientations feature in LGBT Pride Month, which runs for the whole of June.

While Tinder is simple to use, you should avoid making these common Tinder mistakes if you want to have a good time. There are also a host of Tinder scams you need to watch our for if you don’t want to get taken for a ride.

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