Why Genshin impact game is Slow Downloading and how to fix it

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It’s Genshin Impact launch day, the new game from miHoYo that has attracted a lot of attention due to its similar art style to Breath of the Wild, adding in traditional anime characters on top of that.

I’m starting to see a whole lot of buzz swell around the game, especially ahead of its launch which for many regions, will be later today. You can already preload the game on PS4, PC and iOS right now to get ready for the actual launch. So when is that going to be?

Genshin Impact launches at 10:00 UTC+8 on September 28. 

Genshin Impact Slow Download Speed Fix

The developers have made an announcement on twitter regarding the Genshin Impact Slow download speed. The Tweet:

How to fix Genshin impact slow download

If you are experiencing slow download speeds when installing Genshin Impact, pause and resume the download. This should increase the download speed. However, players all over the globe are attempting to download the game at once right now though, so your speed may be throttled regardless.

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