Who Stayed Together in Love is Blind and How old are they?

Netflix revealed a new original reality TV show by the creators of Love Is Blindcalled The Ultimatum. Here’s everything we know about the latest social experiment Netflix reality dating show.

Are Kyle and Shaina still together?

Love is Blind kyle and shaina

Shaina ended up calling things off with Kyle due to a variety of reasons, but mainly due to their religious differences. “No matter the outcome, this special bond I share with Shaina will be forever kept in mind, until the end of time,

Is Deepti and shake still together?

Love is Blind deepti and shake

Unclear, but Shake claimed he and Deepti had no physical connection and made comments to friends and family about his lack of attraction, even as they discussed marriage and a life together. When they were at the altar—spoiler warning—Deepti could sense something was off and called the relationship quits

Deepti and Shake “Love is Blind” Ages?

Deepti Vempati, a 31-year-old information data analyst from Chicago has always wanted a unique love story.

Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee’s love story on Love Is Blind may not have panned out as expected, but that doesn’t seem to be getting him down. The 33-year-old DJ and veterinarian met Deepti Vempati in the dating pods on season 2 of the Netflix reality series.

Who they still together in Love is Blind Season 2 ?

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Nick & Danielle

Despite their ups and downs and not being 100% sure of their decisions, they both said “I do” at the altar, ending the season together as husband and wife.

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