Where to Find The Hidden Gnome in Fortnite Game


Fortnite Hidden Gnome Map Location

To complete the Overtime Challenges of Fortnite Chapter 2 season 1, you need to find 2 gnomes:

  • One in the Gold 8-Ball style challenges: Search the hidden gnome found in between Fancy View, a wooden shake, and a big house
  • One in the Purple Ripley style challenges: Search the hidden gnome found between Logjam Woodworks, a wooden shack, and a bucket tree

Both gnomes can be found on the west side of the map.

The first one is west of Sweaty Sands, and the other gnome is northwest of Slurpy Swamp:

hidden gnome fortnite

Hidden Gnomes Fortnite has made a return. Epic Games is continuing to push out content in the dead space between Season 11 and Season 12. Fortnite Chapter 2’s first season is over, but the next season has yet to start. Players still need things to chase, so Epic Games made the Challenges.

The team brought back the Ripley vs. Sludge and the 8-Ball vs. Scratch Challenges, but with a slight change. Instead of search between things for a challenge or finding a hidden gnome, players are finding a hidden gnome between things. Creative, right?

Players will need to find the hidden gnome between Logjam Woodworks, a Wooden Shack and a Bucket Tree.

Where to Find the Hidden Gnome Challenge: Hidden Gnome Fortnite

First thing to do is to orient yourself. Find the biggest landmark like the Logjam Woodworks. That will give you a certain area, then the Bucket Tree, which is a small tree with buckets on it. Then look on the map nearby and you’ll see a shack. In the middle of these three points, you’ll find the Gnome, almost directly south of Logjam Woodworks. Although, the Gnome will not be there if you haven’t completed enough of the other mission objectives.

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