Roblox War Tycoon Codes 2023 (July)

New to the new Roblox game that was just released? War Tycoon and you looking for all the new codes list that are available in the game with a full list for July 2023.

War Tycoon is a potential Roblox game. In the game, your objective is to grow your Anime Fighting by eating up in the world where you get bricks and then sell them to get coins to buy stronger Anime fighting. Buy more upgrades like energy to increase the Anime Fighting size. Since the game is now released they only have one code available to redeem.

How to find new active codes for the War Tycoon in 2023?

The new Roblox game has only made two ways of getting new Anime Fighting codes and they are from the following social media, make sure you follow them to get updates and more codes to catch up:

How to redeem War Tycoon Codes in Roblox?

To redeem War Tycoon Codes click on the Round blue Twitter button on the left side of the screen then it will open up a codes tab. In the tab put the following codes from the list and click on the green tick square button to redeem.

List of all War Tycoon Codes to Redeem in (July) 2023

  • Social—Redeem for 100k Cash and 10 minutes of 2x Cash Boost
  • BlueBird—Redeem for the MP5 Twitter Edition rifle
  • 250k—Redeem for $25,000 in-game Cash
  • 350k—Redeem for 1 Life Barrett M82 Gamepads Gun, 35k Cash, and a 35 Minutes 2X Cash Boost (New)
  • BlueTweet—Redeem for a Sapphire Gun Skin

War Tycoon Codes (Expired)

  • TweetUp—Redeem for free Cash
  • GoinUp—Redeem for free Cash
  • BigBucks—Redeem for $100,000 Cash
  • Stonks—Redeem for 2x Cash for 10 min
  • Hooray50K—Use for $50,000 in-game Cash
  • 200K—Redeem for a 20-minute two-times Cash boost, 200k Cash, and a one-life Barrett M82 Gamepass Gun
  • 50M—Redeem for 50 minutes of 2x Cash
  • Weekend—Redeem for 250k in-game cash, 30 minutes of two-times Cash, and a FAL Heavy

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