Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles 10 Solution and walkthrough

Master builder

To solve this puzzle you need to bring a villager to a pile of wood that is to the north part of the river to create a water wheel. Then craft 2 center pieces from metal and forge nucket using anvil and attach them to the water wheel. Place a villager onto the water wheel to install it.

Solution 2 : Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Solution Puzzles 10

You'll need:
Master builder
Master scientist 
2 Forge buckets
2 Metals

Steps :
1. Get a master scientist to draw up plans
2. Drag a master builder to the woodpile to the left of stream by the statues on the top-right of the island (they assemble it part way for water wheel)
3. Craft 2 metals and 2 forge buckets in the crafting hut
4. Drag a villager to the crafting hut twice, once to get the metal (they'll place it on the anvil), then again to get the forge bucket (they'll place it beside the anvil)
5. Drag a villager to the anvil, they will fabricate a center piece and take it to the area where the water wheel will be
6. You'll need two center pieces to complete this puzzle so do steps 4-5 twice
7. Drag a villager to the water wheel, they'll finish assembling it with the center pieces
8. Puzzle Done! Collect your lavastones!

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