Valorant: How to add friends if you can’t

Previously known as Project A, Valorant was recently revealed to be the new shooter that League of Legends developers Riot Games has been working on in secrecy. It’s part of a series of new projects created to develop the studio’s portfolio alongside CCG Legends of Runeterra, mobile ports and an unannounced fighting game currently known as Project L. With early impressions from the Valorant beta shedding some light on the game, we thought it’d be best to collect everything we know about Valorant so far.

how to add friends on Valorant

Valorant: Add Friends Tweet

Valorant: How to Add Friends ?

“Click add friend on the bottom of your friends list. Put their name in the name section and just put their numbers in the tag. Do not use ‘#’,” reddit user lynncordellia wrote on the Valorant reddit page.

With the closed beta having only just started, it is likely that Riot Games has not added the feature to add friends in Valorant, but if they have, then take this advice above and try it out!

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