Using Tinder? Avoid These 8 Common Mistakes

Tinder has changed the online dating game. But even as one of the most popular dating apps, there are some mistakes that way too many users make.

From falling for fake profiles to sabotaging your chances of getting matched, here are some common Tinder mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

What Is Tinder and How Do I Use It?

Tinder is a dating app for smartphones that lets you swipe through people’s profiles in an effort to find a potential romantic partner.

You can provide the app with a distance you are willing to travel up to 100 miles, and from there, you “like” or “pass” people. Liking a profile is also referred to as swiping-right, while swiping-left is a rejection. If you and someone else on Tinder both swipe-right on each other, the app notifies you both that you’re a match. This allows you to contact each other using the app’s messaging platform.

On the surface, Tinder might appear to be a bit shallow. The app’s primary focus is aimed at featuring profile images to swipe through. Few details besides a first name, job, and age are visible at first glance. Luckily, you are able to find out more by looking at the user’s bio.

To use Tinder, you simply need to download the iOS or Android app and set up a profile. Since 2018, users can also use the app on their PC’s internet browser by visiting the Tinder website.

Now that you know how Tinder works, you’re probably ready to get started. However, you should make sure to avoid these common Tinder mistakes…

1. Falling for Fake Tinder Profiles

Tinder can be a great place to find a romantic partner, but it’s not uncommon for users to stumble across fake profiles. Fake profiles are often used by bots and people running scams on Tinder.

Fake profiles usually have a few warning signs to look out for. These include very little to no information in the bio, with only one picture that looks like a stock image.

You can’t always tell from the profile, however, whether the user is fake. But if you receive links to alternative services and games, messages that seem automated and unrelated to context, or overly forward romantic messages; the profile may be fake.

Make sure you’re up-to-date with all of the warning signs of an online dating scammer. It’s better to err on the side of caution when matching up with people on the app.

2. Sharing Too Much Personal Information on Tinder

While Tinder apparently no longer shows mutual Facebook friends, there are still other profiles that can be linked to the dating app. For example, you are able to link your Instagram account and Spotify playlists.

However, if you’re not careful about what you link, you could share too much personally identifiable information with strangers. Reverse image searches, location tags, and other common tools can be used to identify you.

While you should include some information about yourself (or risk being considered a bot), you should also make sure to protect your privacy on Tinder. Don’t share your home address, your work address, or other private information with matches.

3. Choosing the Wrong Tinder Profile Picture

Many users swipe pretty quickly on Tinder. They won’t necessarily take the time to look at multiple photos and your bio unless your first picture makes an impression. Therefore, you need to make sure that the first photo on your profile is your best.

You should also make sure it only features you rather than a group of friends. Group photos make it unclear who the actual profile belongs to and requires people to view all your photos—something that is more of a deterrent rather than an incentive.

A few other primary profile picture mistakes you should avoid are:

  • Photos where your face is obscured by sunglasses or hats
  • Photos taken from far away (making you difficult to see)
  • Photos that don’t have you in it, such as memes or pictures of animals
  • Photos where you’re not smiling

You can include these types of images elsewhere in your profile, but if you include it as your primary image or only image, you’re less likely to attract matches. Tinder’s own statistics show that certain types of photos reduce the number of right-swipes that users get.

4. Bypassing the Gems

If you’re looking for more than just a casual hookup on Tinder, you should take the time to check bios before swiping. Every once in a while, you might find someone who has written something clever on their profile or genuinely interesting photos.

So don’t miss out. It’s really easy to focus just on appearances. But if you want more meaningful connections, take some time and get to know the person behind the photo. It’s easy for profiles to come across as generic, so if something stands out to you, take a chance with a right-swipe.

5. Having Unreasonable Expectations on Tinder

Using Tinder is definitely a great way to meet new people and potential romantic partners. But you will also need to manage your expectations.

Users on Tinder are there for a variety of reasons. This means that not all people you match with will be looking for the same thing as you. Surveys by Tinder show that most users are there to find love, but a significant number say that they’re there for casual flings, meeting friends, or just validating their self-esteem.

While you may be there for love, you may very well end up matching with users looking for a fling or just a chat. It’s going to take some time and effort to find people you like on the app, so make sure you’re not expecting instant success and connections when you use the app for the first time.

6. Lying on Your Tinder Profile

While we all want to put our best foot forward on dating sites, there’s a difference between making sure your selfies are flattering and telling outright lies. If you want to have a pleasant experience on Tinder, don’t lie about yourself.

Be clear with what you’re looking for from the experience. This will enable you to find people with similar goals, such as those seeking a potential long-term partner.

Don’t use heavily edited images that don’t look at all like you. Also avoid old images that no longer reflect how you look. This causes more problems than its worth.

You should also make sure to use your real name on Tinder, or at least your nickname. A match will become suspicious if they find out you’re using a fake name on the app. After all, it’s something that scammers or cheaters tend to do.

7. Not Checking Your Tinder Match’s Actual Age

Tinder is limited to users who are 18 years of age or older. While the app tries to prevent underage users from accessing the service, this isn’t always possible.

Furthermore, people are able to hide their age on Tinder with a Tinder Plus account. There are also users who don’t put their real age on the app. Some users go so far as to list their age as over 100 years old.

When setting up a date, you should make sure to check your Tinder match’s actual age.

8. Swiping Right Too Much or Too Little on Tinder

The way the Tinder algorithm works is not altogether clear. However, the company itself has confirmed that it prioritizes active users on the app. This doesn’t mean swiping right on every single profile, however.

Anecdotal reports from Tinder users on Reddit claim that swiping right on too many profiles lowers your number of matches. However, Tinder also recommends on their Swipe Life blog that you should not limit likes to only one percent of the profiles you see.

Even if there’s no penalty in the algorithm, swiping right on every profile can clearly reduce the quality of matches that Tinder is able to provide. After all, Tinder’s algorithm is unable to learn your preferences if you don’t seem to have any at all.

Other Dating Apps That Aren’t Tinder

Tinder can be a great way to get back into the dating game and meet new people. But it’s not for everyone.

If Tinder’s setup and focus on appearances doesn’t appeal, you may want to use an alternative dating app. To get in the dating game using another platform, check out our list of alternative dating apps that match you differently to Tinder.

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