Toilet Paper Coronavirus Memes and Why?

coronavirus toilet paper

The Coronavirus is causing people to panic buy toilet paper, and we think that toilet paper memes and coronavirus memes should be a thing so we review and rate all the funny toilet paper corona memes we can find, who bulk buys toilet roll, shops have no toilet roll left, people are panic buying hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer memes? this is a very light-hearted funny look at corona hoping to just see the funny side of the general public in a frenzy over buying tinned goods and supermarket arguments Australia seem to of got the bulk of the memes, but the pandemic has effected the entire worlds, pandemic memes, countries being locked down, people in quarantine, it’s all over the news, but this is a small bit of fun in the darkness just a few funny memes we can review and rate, for kicks and giggles who would ever put the coronavirus and toilet paper together hopefully everybody has stocked up on enough toilet paper and tinned goods.


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