Tiny Rubber Duck Fortnite : All You Need ,Hidden Locations

The end of Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer event is fast approaching with just two challenges remaining – here is how to complete the ‘Search the tiny rubber ducky at the spot hidden in the Summertime Splashdown loading screen’ task. 

Epic Games announced they would be taking a two-week break after a hectic year, but left players with plenty of challenges to keep them occupied and earn some free cosmetic items on the way.

After tasking players with visiting a giant beach umbrella and a huge rubber duck in their last chore, players will once again be forced to venture around the map to find a hidden rubber ducky found somewhere on a beach.

The 14 Days Of Summer are almost over in Fortnite: Battle Royale. We’re on the second-to-last day of the special event, and that means we have the second-to-last challenge to solve and earn a free in-game music track.

Prior to today’s challenge, dataminers had leaked a very different challenge: Search the seashell in the beach-themed loading screen. Turns out, that isn’t the challenge at all, and for the first time since the 14 Days of Summer began in Fortnite, one of the leaks wasn’t correct.

Instead, today’s Day 13 challenge is “Search the tiny rubber ducky hidden in the summertime splashdown loading screen.” That loading screen was earned earlier in this event, from Day 8’s challenge which tasked players with hitting one another with water balloons.

Location of tiny rubber ducky in Summertime Splashdown loading screen

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