This Personal Trainer Gained 70 Pounds to Help One Woman Lose Weight

Everyone who wants to lose weight (or has in the past) knows that it takes incredible willpower and motivation to do so. You have to cut back on all the unhealthy (yet delicious) foods you enjoy while sticking to a stricter diet of healthy foods.

Also, nights at the bar or club are out since alcohol contains a lot of calories. So, to sum things up, losing weight is no easy feat.

However, one amazing trainer decided to actually gain weight so that he and his client could lose the weight together. Read on to find out more about trainer Adonis Hill and how his methods helped one woman lose weight.

This personal trainer gained 70 pounds to help one woman lose weight:


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Adonis and his clients’ journeys began on the TV show Fit To Fat To Fit, where personal trainers literally put themselves in their clients’ shoes by gaining weight so both of them can lose it together.

Adonis excitedly agreed to gain 70 pounds for a woman if it meant it would save her life.


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His client Alissa began her weight loss journey at 308 pounds and had been overweight her whole life. So that they would be on the same page, Adonis had to gain over 70 pounds in 4 months. To accomplish this, he needed to stop exercising, eat a lot of junk food, and drink sodas.

Due to his extreme weight gain in such a short amount of time, doctors had to cut his weight-gaining journey by one month because of health problems. He was diagnosed with hypertension and prediabetes; fortunately, since losing the weight, his health problems have disappeared.


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After Adonis gained the necessary weight, the real work began. He and Alissa did cardio and weight training as well as followed a strict diet in order to lose weight. They also had to support each other during the hard times when old addictions and habits threatened their progress. However, since they had each other, they had no problems getting back on track.

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The Good Ending

Alissa lost 57 pounds in 4 months while Adonis’ weight was around 227 pounds. So, they both achieved their goals, and the best part is, they were a team during the whole journey. Adonis believes the experiment was totally worth it since it helped Alissa get her health back on track. He added that empathy can go a long way in improving someone’s life.

Adonis hopes that this experiment will raise awareness about the risks of obesity, saying, “If we continued down that unhealthy road, the cemetery is where we would’ve ultimately ended up.”

We hope this article inspires you to lose weight (if you need to) or just improve your health in general!

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