This 130-Hour Data Science Training Is 60% Off Today

From self-driving cars to financial forecasts, big data is the driving force behind a lot of emerging technology. And for obvious reasons, many companies are hiring data scientists. The good news is that you don’t need a degree to get into this lucrative field — just some knowledge and some certificates. The 2019 Certified Data Scientist Architect Bundle helps you acquire both, with over 130 hours of video tutorials working towards certification. You can get the training now for just $49 via MakeUseOf Deals — plus you can save an additional 60% off today with code WEEKEND60.

Data Science Education

In today’s world, most big business decisions are based on data. The same goes for marketing, sales, finance, and countless other sectors. As a result, companies are willing to offer six-figure salaries to data specialists.

This bundle helps you ride the wave, even if you have zero experience with number crunching. Through concise video tutorials, you learn everything there is to know about data handling, analysis and visualization. You also get a crash course in algorithms, machine learning, and programming with R and Python.

The training is split into six separate courses, each covering a different topic. Along the way, you learn how to work with professional data tools, including Tableau, SAS, Hadoop, MapReduce, and Apache Spark. You should come away with the skills to find your first data-related role.

In addition, the training also helps you earn SAS Certification, which is well respected around the world.

130 Hours for $19

Order now for $19.60 (with code WEEKEND60) to get access to this huge learning library, worth $2,500!

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