These Illustrations Show The Perfect Truth About Life

Illustrator and artist Andres Colmenares creates visuals that show the truth about life in a creative, adorable way. He began this illustration project in 2009 because of his fascination with drawing and writing jokes. Andres says his work is “just an escape from the ongoing harsh realities of life.” In his illustrations, he uses cute characters to offset the more serious messages often found throughout his works. Through his art, he shares the truth about aspects of life such as relationships, heartbreak, work, and more.

Below, we will share some of his best works with you in hopes that you can relate to the messages in his art.

These illustrations show the perfect truth about life:

1. True love never dies.

2. After you’ve been in a relationship for a while, shaving just doesn’t seem that important anymore.

3. The truth about life: real friends stick with you, especially when you really need them.

4. That moment you get your paycheck and realize that all of it is going toward bills.

5. This game of fetch speaks volumes about the importance of remaining present for the loved ones in our lives.

6. Sometimes, the stars are a lot closer than they seem, if we only reach for them.

7. If you haven’t worked out for a while, the first week at the gym pretty much feels like this.

8. The truth about life is that we are all each other’s gifts, and nothing more is really necessary.

9. Happiness is always better when shared.

10. That moment when you try to get up in the morning but feel glued to the bed.

11. The truth about life: you aren’t really awake until you’ve had your morning coffee.

Which of these illustrations about the truth about life was your favorite? Share with us in the comments!

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