The ONLYOFFICE Suite Offers Collaboration, Cloud Storage, and Choice

At one time, when you needed to write a document, edit a spreadsheet, or create a presentation, you had to use Microsoft Office. Fortunately, there are some great alternatives now available.

ONLYOFFICE is an open source cloud-based productivity suite. It offers a range of tools that can replace many Google G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365 features while providing greater security, collaboration, and choice.

ONLYOFFICE’s Collaboration Features

In any modern business, collaboration is critical. Real-time editing and knowledge-sharing throughout the company helps information flow. Ultimately, this leads to more informed decision-making. ONLYOFFICE aims to help you collaborate effectively, with as little difficulty as possible.

ONLYOFFICE Documents webpage

The web-based office suite allows you to create Microsoft Office-compatible documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. The applications will feel familiar, as they take cues from modern software design and resemble other software packages.

This means there’s no steep learning curve for your users. Plus, there are editor apps for Android and iOS, allowing everyone to stay productive while on the go.

ONLYOFFICE Collaboration tab

A specific Collaboration tab at the top of the document, sheet, and presentation editor gives you easy access to some of the most useful collaborative and sharing tools. Users can share documents with others, provide co-editing access, and add comments, all from one interface. Version History lets you keep an eye on any changes made; its a built-in chat function opens up discussions while keeping any talk focused on the task at hand.

The ONLYOFFICE cloud also includes a collaboration platform, which is a package of additional productivity modules. A document management platform, mail server, calendar, CRM software, and project management tools sit alongside its Community software. Community is a company-wide blog, wiki, and instant messaging platform that allows your users to keep up-to-date with the latest goings-on.

ONLYOFFICE Software Editions

Summary of ONLYOFFICE editions.

When selecting a new software package, you certainly want a hassle-free experience. In this case, you’ll be happy to learn that ONLYOFFICE is available as Software as a Service (SaaS). If you choose this model, the software is licensed to your business, but hosted by ONLYOFFICE and accessible via any web browser.

The company then takes care of updates and security patches, so you don’t have to worry about it. An additional feature of ONLYOFFICE’s SaaS offering is the inclusion of cloud storage for each registered user. This includes tiered pricing based on the number of users and required storage space. Pricing starts at $2 per user per month.

However, you may decide that the SaaS option isn’t right for your business. In this case, the ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition may be precisely what you’re after. The Enterprise Edition gives your users the same web-based experience, while keeping the data on your servers. Unlike the SaaS offering, this edition is available for a one-time fixed cost per server. Three separate license options are available based on the number of users and simultaneous editing sessions.

One of the biggest challenges of adopting a new piece of software is managing how it integrates into the rest of your workflow. Many businesses already host their data and applications on cloud services like Nextcloud, ownCloud, Alfresco, Confluence, or SharePoint. The ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition allows you to incorporate ONLYOFFICE’s editors into your existing deployments.

The Right Office Software for Your Business

ONLYOFFICE shows that it cares about your security from the moment you sign up. Many sites either don’t offer Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), or only include it as an optional feature buried in the settings.

That’s not the case with ONLYOFFICE. As part of the registration, you are required to enter a phone number to enable SMS-based 2FA. In addition, ONLYOFFICE is fully GDPR compliant.

Not only does ONLYOFFICE compete with offerings from Google and Microsoft, but in many cases, it bests them. For instance, a unique advantage of ONLYOFFICE is that its desktop office suite can encrypt documents end-to-end using blockchain technology. All these features make it a great alternative office product.

Whether you want a standalone local installation or a cloud-based SaaS package, ONLYOFFICE brings collaboration, choice, and security with its office productivity suite.

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