The Finish Strong Challenge

If you had all the time in the world to do whatever you want in your job, what would it be?

The question was recently presented to me during a seminar. I had just finished discussing what a typical week entails—from writing articles, to editing stories for magazines and online, consulting with businesses, writing books, providing online training, and teaching a college course—so the question caught me off guard.

I’m doing exactly what I want, and embracing the challenges, highs, and lows, that come with running your own business.

Then the question was rephrased: What are you doing that you wish you could do more of?

I thought about it for a second and the answer was simple: I wish I could train more people.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the gym. I love working out. It’s a passion that began when I decided to fix my own body, (fix is appropriate as I suffered a few too many injuries) and then grew when I attend my first seminars and started training people as a teenager. Over the years my career towards research and then almost completely into editorial. But I’ve still continued to work with a small group of clients because I genuinely love to help people find fitness solutions that work for them. Because as I’ve noted: not all workouts work for everyone. So the fun—and the challenge—is in working with people and guiding them to the type of success they’ve always wanted. It’s fun, and as an added bonus it keeps me in tune with the real problems people face so the content I create remains relevant. If anything, I find the continued real life experience (both in and out the gym) to be the reason why I’m still so passionate and dedicated to everything I write.

But training people is not my primary job. Each client requires a lot of time to develop a diet and training program, and then answer their questions throughout the week. And with all of my other responsibilities, the last thing I want to do is offer anything less than my best.

And yet, as happy as I am with what I’m doing, As much as I tried, I couldn’t shake my answer to the question.

The Finish Strong Challenge

If I wanted to train more people, what could I do to make it happen?

I identified the biggest barriers I saw, and then decided to remove them. Here’s what was on the list:

  1. Time

That was really all that stood in my path of working with more people. So I decided to make a change, remove several of my normal work responsibilities, and open up a special version of my coaching program for the next 12 weeks.

I call this the “Finish Strong Challenge.”

Most people tend to wait till New Year’s to get back in shape. But if research is accurate, more than 50 percent of people quit those goals after a month, and as few as 8 percent of people actually achieve their fitness resolutions. There are many reasons for this, so instead of lumping your fitness aspirations into 2014, let’s make a finish dash to the finish line together.

How it works

You have a very small window to sign up for an exclusive online coaching platform. The deadline is Friday, October 11th Sunday, October 13th. You’ll be working with me as your coach. Why the quick deadline? The program starts on October 14th and ends on December 31, thus the time to start is now. No more waiting or putting off what you want to achieve.

How long does it last?

12 weeks. I want a commitment. I’ll work with you until the last days of December so that you can start the new year feeling and looking good. And yes, that means I’ll help you navigate all the holidays and still enjoy. I don’t believe in complete food withdrawal and not having fun with family and friends. Being fit doesn’t mean having no life.

What you’ll receive: 

  • A new workout every single week designed by me to have you looking and feeling your best. Each workout will be posted by Sunday night to get you excited for the new week
  • Diet guidelines for the program
  • Access to a private group where I’ll answer your questions for 1 hour every day. If you miss my time online, just leave your questions and I’ll try to answer them the following day when I check in again
  • Accountability coaching to keep you on track
  • Competitions each week with prizes
  • Being part of a fitness community all working together with the same goal in mind: end the year STRONG
  • Access to a weekly guest speaker who will come in and answer your questions on fitness, nutrition, and life success
  • The chance to be featured as a success stories in my next book

I’ve tried to address the common reasons why most people fail in their diet and fitness plans, and offer a short-term, concrete plan, with support and accountability to help you bring out your best.

How do you apply?

Send an email to “coaching @” The subject line should be “Finish Strong 13.”

In the email, just send your name and make a written commitment of your goal. We’ll send you all the details for starting the program.

Who qualifies?

This offer stands for anyone, but you need to have access to a gym and typical gym equipment (barbells and dumbbells)

Will you wait…or will you act?

You want to get in shape and I want to help more people. Let’s end the year strong and help each other achieve their goals.

I look forward to the chance to work with you.

Make it count,


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