The Elder Scrolls Blades – (Patch) Note 1.8

The Elder Scrolls Blades is updated, here is the official patch note of version 1.8

The Elder Scrolls patch note 1.8


  • Take on limited-time missions several times a week.
  • Challenge the unique enemies of each event. For example, in “The Purifying Flames” the enemies are vulnerable only to fire, while in “The Impenetrable Wood” the enemies defend themselves with more grit.
  • Earn seals by completing Event missions.
  • Spend the seals in exchange for powerful items in the seal shop.
  • Complete each event up to 5 times. Each phase is more difficult than the previous one, but it offers more seals!


  • Arcane items always get one or two bonus enchantments.
  • Divine items offer the power of dragon items to high-level players, with the appearance of previous items, such as iron, leather and daedric material.
  • The bonus materials of divine shields and armor are as strong as those of dragon scales.
  • Purchase hardened and enchanted equipment, including divine and dragon items.
  • Purchase gold and material, such as soul gems and fire breath opals.
  • Nothing remains available forever, but sooner or later everything returns. Always keep an eye on the seal shop!


  • Potions and poisons no longer take up inventory space. Up to 50 can be accumulated per type.
  • In Arena mode, the low block now resets the high block timer.
  • In Arena mode, shield spells no longer activate when an attack is parried low.
  • Reduced the degree to which most enemies use powerful attack skills.
  • Added new mercenaries, goblin mages and high-level necromancers to assignments, as well as goblin mages and low-level necromancers.
  • In Blinded state, the name of the ability used by enemies is no longer visible.
  • Added a button to the quest menu in the main menu.
  • Opening the quest menu now takes you directly to the section with newer or more important content.
  • In the quest menu, added a quick link from each quest or assignment to the character menu.
  • Added a label to inventory items that are part of an envelope.
  • Inserted the message “IMMUNE” instead of “RESISTANCE” when an enemy is immune to the damage type of an attack.
  • Added help sections regarding Abyss, Arena and guilds.


  • High-level enemies provide supreme and glorious soul gems instead of transcendent gems.
  • At high player level, large destructible objects (ruined and stone) provide glorious soul gems more often.
  • At high player level, the glorious soul gems are found in the Abyss more often, while transcendent soul gems and alchemy / enchantment materials (fire salts, honeycombs, etc.) are found less frequently.
  • Revised the progression of soul gem rewards in the Arena and extended the gamer level range within which the glorious soul gems appear.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash by completing a gladiator story mission.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Devouring Inferno from draining the caster’s health if he had exhausted his stamina.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in normal magicka regeneration immediately after Magicka Power.
  • Fixed an issue that made Fortify Health’s enchantment bonus more powerful than expected by drinking healing potions or eating food.
  • Fixed an issue where normal Nursery Fires would appear in the depths of the Abyss instead of higher Nether Fires.
  • Fixed an issue on Switch that prevented the accelerometer from being used to parry immediately after canceling an attack.
  • Fixed an issue on Switch that forced an involuntary attack by attempting to parry under the influence of Untamed Fury.
  • Fixed an issue on Switch that forced an involuntary attack immediately after canceling an attack.
  • Fixed an issue where an exclamation mark would remain over Henrik’s head.
  • Fixed an issue in Arena mode where the player’s parade animation was delayed after a save immediately after the paralysis state ended.
  • Fixed an issue where discarded items would reappear in the item list.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the items of the Helmet of the Gold Champion, Helm of the Silver Hero, and Helmet of the Bronze Gladiator to appear in the list of items to enchant in the Enchantment Tower.
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s eyes would disappear when previewing helmets in the inventory menu.
  • Fixed an incorrect sorting issue in the shop menus.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a guild’s overall score from being updated after a new member joined.
  • Fixed various interface, audio and game freezing issues.

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