The Division 2 Level 40 Builds Warlords of New York

the division 2 level 40

4 Ways To Get Level 40 Fast In Division 2 Warlords Of New York

The following is what you need to know about levelling up fast in the Division 2:

  • Gear
  • Equip Yourself with New Gear 
  • Skills
  • Specialization

division 2 how to get to level 40


How To Get To Level 40 ?

Just like the first game, The Division 2 adopted a structure that required you to reach level 30 and get to a certain point in the game before you could then start raising your Gear Score, which was dependent on your equipment as well. The Warlords of New York expansion takes away that Gear Score you already have though and resets to a more traditional leveling system until you reach level 40, but the question is how do you raise that level?

First of all, you must purchase the Warlords of New York expansion to start, as that is required for the increased level cap. This isn’t just an in-game update for free that you can get. Secondly, you cannot start leveling up higher within the main world of DC in the base game. Even if you go around and earn XP, you will still continue to only earn towards caches.

To successful start leveling up in Warlords of New York, you must first head to New York in the game. This requires you to have not only purchased the expansion, but to have also installed it. Once you have done that, start up your game and head to the White House, aka your Base of Operations. From here, go to the pilot found out front and talk to him to head to New York. This is a one way trip until you finish the expansion though, so be careful.

As soon as you arrive in New York, pause the game and go to your equipment menu. Immediately you will notice that all your gear that you had previously with a Gear Score is now just listed as level 30. This means you are ready to start leveling up again. As in the main game, this can be done by going around and completing different missions, tasks, and finding collectibles. You should start leveling up decently fast if you are following the story and doing any of the main side missions you come across.

Once you start leveling up, you will also start finding equipment with higher levels as well, so keep up with those and that will certainly help speed up the process with you being more equipped for battle now. Just keep working at it and you’ll be level 40 in no time.

How To Get To Level UP?

Moving on to the actual process of levelling up, you need to start following the yellow waypoints shown on the map. You will end up completing four missions to kill all the Warlords. You will have to run from place to place which gets a little tedious when doing that but it is necessary to find and unlock all the missions and kill the Warlords.

Once all of them are killed. the final mission is unlocked, but to be able to go to it you will have to get to Level 40. So from Level 30 to 38, you will need to follow the missions and when you finish the last mission at Level 38, then run around the whole map to do anything from control points to side missions and mini objectives. You can do these pretty quickly. It will only take you about twenty mins to do at least five control points and there you are, at Level 40!

Another quick tip to remember is, that if you need some new gear, you can instantly fast travel to the Haven and check the vendors to see what gear they are selling. The gear available will depend on which level you are, so try to make quick visits to the shop at each level up to get newer gear. Having stronger weapons will get you through the missions much more easily.



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