The Division 2 Bullet King – Exotics lmg Guide

the bullet king division

What is Bullet King ?

The Bullet King is an illusive LMG that you can only get once you’ve reached the new level cap, which is level 40. After you reached level 40 and beat the game, you have access to a variety of new missions to keep playing The Division 2 over and over again in the new playground of lower Manhatten.

Bullet King is an NPC in the video game Tom Clancy’s The Division. Bullet King gained notoriety due to an exploit in early game versions that allowed players to respawn named enemies indefinitely, as long as their entourage of minions were never killed. His mob of Rikers spawned near the Autumn’s Hope safe house.

As Bullet King can be killed indefinitely, this allowed players to collect the named enemies superior and high-end loot over and over again. As the Bullet King was the named enemy closest to any player spawn point in the game, he was thus easiest to exploit. It has been widely compared to the Loot Cave exploit in Bungie’s popular title, Destiny, where mobs would spawn indefinitely in a cave area, causing loot drop rates to be high.

the division 2 bullet king

Division 2 Bullet King Ways :

you can receive the Bullet King by completing Riker Missions. The Rikers is one of the returning factions from the first game that still has a powerful presence in New York. By doing Riker-based missions, you have a chance for the Bullet King to drop, but it’s relatively low.

  • Normals missions have a one percent chance
  • Hard missions have a three percent chance
  • Challenging missions have a five percent chance
  • Heroic missions have a seven percent chance

How to Get Division 2 Bullet King :




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