The Capsule Wardrobe – Creating a Chic, Minimalistic Style

Did you know that the average American woman owns over 100 items of clothing at any gven time? Since we live in a world obsessed with consumerism, this figure is hardly surprising. However, in despite having tons of garments, many of us frequently feel as if we have nothing suitable to wear. The reasons for this are many. Some find shopping therapeutic and buy lots of clothes they don’t necessarily need. Others are prone to purchasing things in the spur of the moment, without thinking whether they are practical or not. Still others get tempted to buy certain items simply because everyone else seems to be wearing them. Yet whatever the cause, no one can deny that going through your entire wardrobe without finding the right outfit is incredibly frustrating. Luckily, there is a solution – the capsule wardrobe!

Practical, minimalistic, chic – the capsule wardrobe will change your life!

What is a capsule wardrobe?

The capsule wardrobe, as its name suggests, is a small selection of clothes, shoes and accessories. It can contain anything from twenty to fifty practical items, which can be combined in hudreds of different ways. Usually, the garments are neutrally colored and feature minimalistic designs, making them extremely versatile and easy to mix and match. Classic blue jeans, plain t-shirts, a little black dress and a pair of fromal trousers, are only a few of the items, essential for creating a capsule wardrobe.

A winter-themed capsule wardrobe

light blue jeans, black winter jacket, white shirt and grey t-shirt, striped jumper and white t-shirt, and a black tote bag, hanging on a clothes rack, capsule wardrobe

How do I create a capsule wardrobe?

The first and most important step is to declutter your wardrobe. Yes – this can be a lengthy and boring process, but we promise that the end result will be extremely rewarding! To get started, take out all of your clothes and divide them into three piles – to sell/donate, to keep, and to throw away/recycle.

In the first pile, put clothes which are new or in good shape, but you never wear, or no longer need. You can sell these online on eBay or Poshmark. This way, you will not only free up space, but will also earn some money towards your new capsule wardrobe. If you prefer, you can donate your unwanted items to a local church or a charity of your choice.

In the second pile, put clothes you love and wear very often. Be realistic and try not to go overboard – they shouldn’t be more than 20. Finally, if you have any old or worn out items, place them in the third pile. Too many of us keep torn and washed out garments simply because we feel attached, or have fond memories of wearing them. However, in the end of the day they just clutter up our homes and gather dust. If you feel bad about chucking them, consider recycling – this way they will be given a new, useful life!

Minimalism = style

trench coat and skinny, black leather trousers, worn by a brunette woman, capsule wardrobe, with a striped top, and aviator sunglasses

What do I need to create my own capsule wardrobe?

Since clothes are largely a matter of taste and personal preference, there is no “one fits all” solution. However, the classic fall/winter essentials pictured bellow are an excellent place to start. They are extremely versatile, and will make a great addition to any closet:

  1. Black (faux) leather biker jacket – edgy and chic, this lovely item can be worn with jeans, dresses and smart trousers. What’s not to love? Every woman should own one!
  2. Classy and timeless black clutch bag – great for every day wear or special occasions. Enough said.
  3. Colorful sweater – great for spicing up a boring fall or winter outfit
  4. Smart button up shirt
  5. Beige trench coat – a true classic
  6. Warm turtleneck sweater – perfect for cold winter days!
  7. Little black dress
  8. Smart black trousers
  9. Jumper in a neutral color
  10. Cute black mini skirt
  11. Comfortable winter boots
  12. Stylish blazer
  13. Simple leather belt
  14. Black ankle boots
  15. Blue skinny jeans
  16. Wide brim felt hat
  17. Basic black turtleneck

These are just a few suggestions, try them out and see whether they work for you. It is important to choose items that make you feel comfy and confident!

Start creating your own capsule wardrobe by buying some essential items:

seventeen items of clothing, for a capsule wardrobe, little black dress, skinny blue jeans, black over the knee boots, leather biker jacket and others

Great video with cool fall capsule wardrobe ideas:

A classic combination

Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity!

blonde young woman, dressed in skinny black leather trousers, and a white v-neck t-shirt, capsule wardrobe ideas, black bag and sandals

The smart white blouse – another wardrobe staple

blouse in white, with a peter pan collar, and a black ribbon, tied into a bow, capsule wardrobe item, on a white background

4o different outfits from only 13 items!

Don’t forget the blue denim jacket!

two images showing a young, slim brunette woman, wearing ripped black skinny jeans, a grey t-shirt, and a denim jacket, capsule wardrobe, seen in close up, and in a medium shot

The LBD – every woman’s bets friend

little black dresses, eight different models, worn by young, slim blonde and brunette women, capsule wardrobe essentials

A classy blanket scarf is a must for fall and winter months

what is a capsule wardrobe, young brunette woman, wearing a beige trench coat, a tartan blanket scarf, and dark brown sunglasses

The tote – another essential accessory

tote bag and purse, made from black leather, what is a capsule wardrobe, essential accessories for women

When it comes to shoes, you should always have a pair of classic black stilettos…

stilettos in black, with red soles, what is a capsule wardrobe, worn by two slim legs, dressed in dark blue jeans

… as well as a pair of nude pumps

high-heeled pumps, in nude beige color, worn by a pair of pale, slim female legs, what is a capsule wardrobe, essential shoes for women

Plain white sneakers for a more casual look…

plain white nike lace up sneakers, worn by a person, dressed in pale grey jeans, what is a capsule wardrobe, basic everyday clothes and shoes

… and compfy, yet stylish, ballerina flats

ballet flats in black, with gold glitter toe details, worn by a pair of slim legs, what is a capsule wardrobe, arm with a golden cuff bracelet

Black leather ankle boots go well with almost any winter outfit

zip detail on black, leather ankle boots, with small heels, what is a capsule wardrobe, essential shoes for winter

And for when it’s really cold, you should have a pair of comfortable boots

riding style boots, made from brown leather, with suede details, and metal buckles, what is a capsule wardrobe, basic winter boots

Capsule wardrobe – summer holiday edition:

wardrobe essentials, little black dress, striped t-shirt, pale blue denim jacket, shorts and white sneakers, various other items

Travel light with these essentials:

summer wardrobe essentials, two tank tops, three pairs of shorts, blue denim cutoffs, t-shirt and blouse, hat and other accessories

Is there a capsule wardrobe for men?

Capsule wardrobes are not only for ladies! Gents can use the same principles to create a more pratical and classy closet. Begin by purchasing several t-shirts in basic colors (white, black and grey),  two or three smart button up shirts, two pairs of trousers, three pairs of jeans, and two to three jerseys/hoodies. Then invest in a quality black leather biker jacket, a stylish coat, a denim jacket and a parka. Finish by buying three pairs of sneakers, and two pairs of smart shoes.

Capsule wardrobe tips for guys

men's wardrobe essentials, three different shirts, four t-shirts and four jackets, jeans and trousers, sweaters and blazers, four pairs of shoes

Bye-bye clutter, hello style!

blazer in pale beige, on a dummy wearing a denim shirt, and a dark brown hat, wardrobe essentials for men, metal rack with more clothes nearby

We love this handsome, timeless outfit

camel colored woolen coat, dark grey sweater, a folded pair of black trousers, white sneakers and a watch, dark grey woolen scarf, and a pair of black sunglasses, wardrobe essentials

How about this casual suggestion?

sneakers in white, with striped socks, palced near a folded, blue denim jacket, wardrobe essentials for guys, a white shirt, and a pair of folded black trousers

Capsule wardrobe in a suitcase

holiday capsule wardrobe men, two blazers and two pairs of trousers, in light colors, three button up shirts, loafers and espadrilles, a hat and sunglasses

Create your own capsule closet with these nifty style pyramids:

pyramid of summer outfits, capsule wardrobe men, six colorful ties, five shirts and four pairs of trousers, three blazers and two pairs of shoes, one lightweight jacket

capsule wardrobe men, pyramid with winter outfits, six ties and five shirts, four pairs of trousers, a cardigan and two blazers, two pairs of shoes, and a winter coat

Every gent must have at least two pairs of smart shoes!

smart shoes for men, brogues in black, dark and light brown, capsule wardrobe men, on a laminate floor

What are the advantages of having a capsule wardrobe?

Many celebs and millionaires swear by the capsule wardrobe. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, always opts for a simple t-shirt and jeans, claiming that it saves him tons of precious time. Rather than spending valuable minutes digging trough a seemingly bottomless closet in search for the perfect outfit, he simply throws on a few basic essentials and starts his day. Think about how much more productive you will be, and how much more time you will have to pursue your interests and hobbies. A few minutes every day might not sound like much, but they add up! In addition, capsule wardrobes are also more environmentally friendly – the less you buy, the less you throw away.

That being said, capsule wardrobes are not for everyone. If you can’t bear the thought of ever repeating an outfit, and live for the sweet thrill of shopping, they might not be your cup of tea. Not to worry though – wahetever you choose, you can find more excellent style tips and lots of inspiration in our fashion section.

Subtle chic

smiling brunette woman, dressed in skinny, black leather trousers, and a pale grey jumper, wardrobe essentials, black ankle boots, classic trench coat, and a black bag

colorful wardrobe essentials, bright orange blazer, purple sweater dress, blue pencil skirt, black patent shoes, and many others

capsule wardrobe planner, twenty essential items, jeans and trousers, jumpers and cardigans, button up denim shirt, shoes and accessories

Nothing beats a classic trench coat!

off-white trench coat, worn by a blonde woman, in ripped blue jeans, and a black top, capsule closet

various clothing items in different colors, t-shirts and jumpers, shirts and skirts, trousers and dresses, shoes and outwear, capsule wardrobe planner

three images of miranda kerr, wearing a black leather mini skirt, and black hotpants, capsule closet, white and pale grey t-shirts, black smart balzer

These items can be combined in hundreds of ways!

thrity two pieces of clothing, capsule wardrobe planner, bodies and t-sirts, jumpers and shirts, trousers and dresses, bags and other accessories

dungarees made of blue denim, a cami top, two t-shirts, a jumper and a white lace mini dress, capsule wardrobe planner, hanging over six pairs of shoes, and a pair of rubber yellow boots

four different outfits, striped trousers with a crop top, blue formal dress, flared trousers with a pale pink top, a line dress, capsule wardrobe planner, near an image of a clothes rack

A lovely casual capsule outfit

capsule closet, smiling young brunette woman, wearing black skinny jeans, a white shirt, a pale grey jumper, and an oversized denim jacket

mini dress in black, skinny black trousers, and a light button up shirt, white t-shirt and smart black trousers, three capsule closet ideas

trousers in different colors, jeans and t-shirts, jumpers and shirts, a blue denim jacket, capsule wardrobe planner, with black hangers

Wear a different outfit every day of the month, without any husstle

mix and match, capsule wardrobe planner, with eighteen different outfits, demonstrated by a young woman, with copper red hair

side by side images, of a smiling brunette woman, wearing a striped turtleneck, combined with dark blue jeans, and a trench coat in one photo, and paired up with a black mini skirt, and black opaque tights, in the other photo

ten different outfits, worn by a slim brunette woman, capsule wardrobe planner, with mix and match items, skirts and shorts, different tops and two dresses

A lovely selection of closet essentials in neutral colors

how to create a capsule closet, dresses and skirts, basic t-shirts and trousers, overalls and shorts, sandals and ballet flats

wearing capsule closet items, black leggings and a white blouse, oversized denim jacket, and classic converse sneakers, on a young brunette woman, wearing sunglasses

basic capsule closet, two skirts and two pairs of trousers, a shirt and a blouse in white, jeans and a dress, outwear and accessories

Capsule wardrobe ideas for the office

capsule wardrobe essentials, twelve mix and match outfits, with a black leather pencil skirt, pale grey trousers, a burgundy patterned mini skirt, different jumpers and blazers

combining blue jeans, with white t-shirts, young brunette woman, demonstrating three different casual outfits, with capsule wardrobe essentials

fall capsule wardrobe essentials, outwear and shoes, trousers and skirts, dresses and jumpsuits, t-shirts and tank tops

Some ideas for the gents:

six men wearing pale blue shirts, combined with shorts, trousers and jeans, capsule wardrobe men

minimalistic capsule wardrobe men, shirts and jumpers, t-shirts and a hoodie, trousers and jeans, shoes and accessories

casual capsule wardrobe men, four pairs of trousers, jumper and flannel shirt, jacket and coat, four pairs of shoes, backpack and accessories

Less clutter = a happier you!

suede over the knee boots in pale grey, worn with blue skinny jeans, and a white blouse, capsule wardrobe essentials, on a smiling blonde woman, sitting next to a clothes rack

assortment of capsule wardrobe essentials, for fall and winter, flannel shirts in different colors, jumpers and patterned tees, trousers and jeans, skirts and dresses, several pairs of shoes

versatile capsule wardrobe essentials, black dungaree dress, beige vest and jacket, blue jeans and cream trousers, sneakers and ballerina flats

More gorgeous little black dress ideas:

examples of little black dresses, on three different women, flared and fitted, mini and midi, capsule wardrobe essentials, combined with different accessories and shoes

a dozen little black dresses, in different styles, flared and fitted, a-line and strappy, featuring pencil skirts and pleats

classic combination of blue jeans, and a plain white t-shirt, worn with beige high heeled sandals, by a smiling brunette woman, seen in three images

Fall essentials:

loafers in black suede, and a brown leather satchel, black skinny trousers, and a pair of glasses, burgundy cable knit sweater, and various accessories

baby pink and light blue, pale beige and grey clotes, combined in ten different ways, and worn by a slim, smiling brunette woman, jeans and trousers, dresses and blouses, blazers and a coat

khaki brown wool coat, worn over skinny, black leather trousers, and a plain white jumper, by a smiling blonde woman, with sunglasses and a black, cross body bag
Mix and match fun

red and black, white and grey, mix and match capsule outfits, little black dress, grey woolen coat, plain tops and skirts, accessories and shoes

twelve capsule outfits, with essential mix and match items, black leggings and jeans, a pale grey jumper, black t-shirt and denim jacket, and many others

wearing blue skinny jeans, in two different ways, with pale grey, over the knee boots, and a white blouse, and whiith animal print mules, a white blouse, and a black cardigan

More gorgeous outfits in neutral colors

blue and black, grey and white, mix and match outfits, worn by a brunette woman, baggy trousers and a jumpsuit, black smart trousers, and airy tops

staples for every woman's closet, plain t-shirts and sweaters, blouses and shirts, blazers and cardigans, dresses and trousers, jackets and accessories

white plain t-shirts, worn with blue skinny jeans, an orange midi skirt, and black smart trouses, by three different women

Stylish and cozy!

top knot worn by a brunette, slim young woman, dressed in blue skinny jeans, with a white shirt, and a pale grey sweater

acid wash jeans, and a black t-shirt, worn with three different accessories, red patternes scarf, black shoulder bag, oversized lightweight cardigan                              office capsule outfits, dark navy sleeveless midi dress, long striped cardigan, trousers and a white blouse, black skirt and a grey t-shirt, and others

A wide brim felt hat – a must-have accessory for fall!

large dark brown felt hat, with woven leather detail, worn by a brunette woman, with long hair, and a black t-shirt

military woolen coat in black, worn by a smiling, young brunette woman, in dark grey skinny jeans

striped jumper in black and white, worn with a dark navy blazer, and matching smart, dark navy trousers, capsule wardrobe men, white sneakers and sunglasses

Have fun curating your capsule wardrobe!

wavy ombre hair, on a woman wearing pale blue jeans, and a levi's t-shirt, looking through pastel colored clothes, hung on a metal rack

rack made of metal, with a few hangers, containing different clothes, how to create a minimalist wardrobe, shoes and bags nearby

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