The Born Fitness Tournament Challenge

What does the NCAAA Tournament have to do with fitness and health?

Technically nothing. Sure, the players are fit and athletic, but let’s be honest: NCAA brackets are a seasonal social experience that is both entertaining and engaging. The brackets are fun and the make the games more enjoyable too. 

Besides, what’s better than a no-stress, fun competition about who can guess the most number of winners in basketball games? (Ok, so a few things are better…but just play along.)

The bragging rights of calling yourself champ of a bracket are priceless. And that’s why I’m hosting the first ever Born Fitness Bracket Challenge.  

I love the NCAA tournament, and I’d love for you to play along with me. Like many other brackets, The Born Fitness Bracket Challenge really only has two rules:

Rule #1: Entry is free

Rule #2: Winners receive awesome prizes

So spread the word, share this status, and let’s bring together a bunch of people to raffle off some awesome fitness (and business accelerator) prizes.

Here’s what’s at stake:

Grand prize ($500 value)

  • Free access to an online coaching package, including training and diet OR an online business consultation

Runner Up: Fitness package ($175 value)

  • Valslides, Signed book of your choice (written by me), and a 3-month subscription to Fitbox

Second Runner Up: Supplement package ($150 value)

  • 1-month supply of protein powder, protein bars, pre workout supplement, and fish oil

But Wait….There’s More

I want to make this fun. So I’m going to award those winning at different stages of the tournament. More fun. More prizes. And more value to you. 

**If there are ties for the mini prizes, don’t worry. I’ll come up with tiebreaker. It will be something awesome like closest guess to my heaviest deadlift ever. Or the most calories I ever consumed in one meal.

Sweet 16: Free copy of new e-book (soon-to-be released)

Elite 8: Free month in the “Get Shredded” fitness community

Final 4: Private 30-minute Google Hangout 

How to Join the Bracket

Just enter your name and email in the box below. You’ll be automatically entered into the contest and be redirected to a page that will show you the simple sign up process. On that page you’ll receive all the login information to the special group. Use the password to enter the group, fill out your bracket, and then it’s game on. 

Winners will be easily determined by the platform we’re using, and any tiebreakers will be settled by your prediction of the final score of the championship game.

So what are you waiting for? You can win bragging rights and don’t even need to be the ultimate champion to win prizes.

Sign up below today and let’s see your NCAA bracket skills.

For all rules and regulations, please click here.

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