The Born Fitness Challenge (Including some awesome prizes and discounts)

Within the past two weeks, I decided to make a dramatic overhaul to my training. I’ll be honest and admit that I needed a new direction. Creating my own programs resulted in me repeatedly ignoring my weaknesses (both consciously and subconsciously), which is a mistake I’ve made before. I needed someone to discuss training strategies. And I needed something to jumpstart my workouts. I’ve been working on a longer blog post to explain my recent training frustrations (and that will still come), but I felt that my own training revelations could benefit you, as well.

My new training partner is the one and only Jason Ferruggia. And within just a few weeks I’ve learned an important lesson: Jay doesn’t mess around.

His workouts are efficient. His workouts work. And his workouts leave you feeling better than before you started.

While I wish you could all join us for a training session, I want to extend an offer that will hopefully spark your workouts in the same way that Jay has sparked mine.

Here’s how it works:

Listen, I’m not a big fan of asking people to spend money unless I think it’s either a great deal or such high quality that it’s worth your investment. This is both. For the next 24 hours, Jay is offering “Renegade Cardio” for only $10. What is Renegade Cardio? It’s 52 fat-burning workouts that you can do at the end of your training or as a standalone session. I honestly don’t know of anyone—ever—that has offered 52 workouts for $10. For that reason alone, it’s an insane deal.  Buy it here, and then save your receipt. Soon you’ll understand why.

  • Step 2: Rise Above

Jay put me through one variation called “Rise Above.” It’s a workout that makes legends—but also one that anyone can perform. Which got me thinking: What if everyone tried this workout? Not only would it motivate you to become a little better, it would also create some fun competition. Find this workout in the book, and then record your results

  • Step 3: Enter the Born Fitness Challenge

It’s simple. Send me an email (Born @ bornfitness DOT com) with your workout results. We’re on the honor system, so please be accurate. But if you include some crazy numbers, I know what is humanly possible and won’t seriously consider those that are questionable. I’ve done the workout, so you’re not going to fool me. Here’s what you should include:

  1. Your age, height, weight
  2. Weight you used (load)
  3. Time completed

That’s it. You can pick up the book today or tomorrow for the insanely good deal, and then enter the contest any time within the next week. Submissions for the contest will end Friday, November 23rd. That means if you miss the sale you can still purchase the book this weekend, and then enter the contest.

But don’t forget: Please include your receipt. Why? I’ll be honest: I just want to support Jay. He’s one of the best strength coaches and has made his knowledge available at a dirt-cheap price. I know you’ll be pleased with the purchase, and I’ll stand behind my endorsement of these workouts. If you know me, I don’t recommend much, but this will help you. So email me your info (born @ Subject should read: “The Born Challenge.”

  • Step 4: WIN!

Competition for the sake of competing is great. But winning prizes makes things a little more awesome. I’ll be reviewing all of the contestants, and with the help of Born Fitness advisors selecting the most impressive results. It will be a combination of age, weight, load, and time completed.

I’ll be selecting a man AND woman winner. No gender bias here.

Grand prize receives:

  • Supplement prize pack (~$150 value): Includes protein, pre-workout supplement, multivitamin, fish oil
  • Signed copy of Men’s Health Big Book of Abs or Women’s Health Big Book of Abs
  • 6 Born Bars (yeah, before I even share with the public)
  • 1-hr fitness/diet OR business/writing consultation ($300 value)


  • Your choice of a signed copy of IMPACT! Body Plan OR The Men’s Health Diet OR The Women’s Health Diet
  • 1-hour fitness/diet OR writing/business consultation

But wait, there’s more…

I figured that if Jay is kind enough to offer 50% off his programs, then I should do the same.

So, for this contest only, I’m opening up my online coaching for 50% off. Yes, there will be a limit to how many people I will accept, as I refuse to allow the quality of my coaching to suffer. So the sooner you apply, the better your chances. Remember, you must purchase Renegade Cardio. Then attach your receipt of the purchase, and send me an email (Born @ about wanting online coaching. Same as the contest, but if this offer interests you, the first line of your email should say:

I want online coaching. 

If you don’t write that, I’ll only consider you for the contest and not online coaching.


This coaching deal only lasts for the duration of the contest. So you have until Friday, November 23rd.

Take a Step…Any Step

At the very least, I hope that the idea of this competition has you wanting to end the year strong, regardless of whether you choose to participate. Buying a product or working with me is not what matters. All I care about is finding new ways to keep pushing you forward and make you a better version of yourself. And if this competition does that, then I’ve done my work for the day.

Make it Count,


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