The 10 Best TaskRabbit Jobs to Make Money or Free Up Time

You always have use for an extra hundred dollars or two. You might even have time to spare—perhaps you finish work early, or maybe you’re currently between jobs. But if a permanent gig like bartending is not what you need right now, you’ll want to take a look at TaskRabbit jobs.

TaskRabbit pairs people who need to delegate various tasks with people looking to earn some money. If you’re a qualified repairman, electrician, or plumber, it could become your main source of work. But even if you don’t have any specialized skills, you can still make money as a TaskRabbit Tasker. And also help people free up their time.

Many TaskRabbit jobs are things you already know how to do, like shopping, organizing, and moving apartments. Some are even kind of fun, like handing out Halloween candy or wrapping presents. For this article, we picked some easy tasks you can do to make money. No special expertise needed—only your time.

1. Do Grocery Shopping

Getting groceries is unexciting, but necessary—we all have to eat, so there’s no getting around it. What makes grocery shopping a brilliant TaskRabbit job is that you know exactly how to do it and might even find it enjoyable. When you’re just starting out, you can make around $17 per hour for something as easy as picking fresh broccoli and stocking up on ketchup.

TaskRabbit Jobs in the Shopping category

2. Deliver Food or Documents

If you’re good at navigation and have a bike or a car, take a closer look at delivery jobs. This can be something as simple as bringing someone a sushi dinner from their favorite restaurant or delivering a package from one office building to another. Deliveries pay about $17 per hour, and it’s a job you can start with little to no preparation.

TaskRabbit jobs in the Delivery category

3. Help Move Apartments

Ugh, moving apartments. If you’ve done it at least once, you know how overwhelming it is. With this TaskRabbit job, you can help relieve the stress for someone by packing and unpacking their stuff, carrying it down the stairs, and helping with other parts of the process.

Depending on the job, you might be hired for something quick like packing or to help with the whole move. And while that is a bit more physically challenging than the previous TaskRabbit jobs, it also pays better. Tasks in the Moving category start at $25 per hour.

TaskRabbit jobs in the Help Moving category

4. Rake Leaves and Water Flowerbeds

Do you have a green thumb or just like being outside? One of the Yard Work jobs on TaskRabbit might be just right for you. You don’t have to be an expert in mulching and composting—even a job as basic as raking leaves or watering flowerbeds can pay around $18 per hour. And the fresh air is a bonus.

TaskRabbit jobs in the Yard Work category

5. Organize Closets or Documents

If your closet would give Marie Kondo tears of joy, it’s time to monetize your natural tidiness. A task as simple and undemanding as organizing someone else’s closet can pay around $15 per hour. You can also organize documents, sort out mail, and do other entry-level jobs you may have done as an intern.

TaskRabbit jobs in the Organization category

6. Pick Up Dry Cleaning or Wait for Deliveries

Everybody has errands to run, and let’s be real: nobody has time for them. But in case you do have a few hours to spare and are looking to make an extra buck, you can run errands for someone else. TaskRabbit jobs like picking up dry cleaning or waiting for a delivery pay around $17 per hour. So this time you won’t feel like you’re just wasting your time.

TaskRabbit jobs in the Errands category

7. Schedule Meetings and Take Calls

Some business owners and executives could use administrative help, but don’t have enough workload for a full-time assistant. You can be their part-time personal assistant doing a range of different tasks, or get hired to do a particular job like taking calls. The pay is not that high—around $15 per hour, but the nature of the job implies you’re likely to get booked for more hours.

TaskRabbit jobs in the Personal Assistant category

8. Wait in Lines

Let’s face it: nobody likes to wait in a huge line. But if you get paid to do it? That’s a different story. There’s a TaskRabbit job even for waiting in lines for someone, meaning you can make around $15 per hour doing literally nothing. This may well be the only way to earn money by scrolling Facebook.

TaskRabbit jobs in the Waiting in Line category

9. Rearrange Furniture

Helping someone move a couch or a wardrobe is a quick and dirty job that requires nothing but physical strength and a bit of free time. And at roughly $25 per hour, this TaskRabbit job pays better than many others. So if you don’t shy away from physical labor, this is a pretty efficient way to monetize your spare time. Stretch your arms and you’re good to go!

TaskRabbit jobs in the Heavy Lifting category

10. Decorate Parties and Homes

Picking balloons or flower arrangements for a party can be a lot of fun, but for someone with a mile-long party planning list, it probably isn’t. You can help save that person from a panic attack by taking the decorating job off of their shoulders.

Stocking up on decorations is just one of the things you can do. Others include hanging frames and other light interior design jobs. Tasks in the Decoration category typically pay around $15 per hour.

TaskRabbit jobs in the Decoration category

Start Making Use of Your Time

Want to work for TaskRabbit and curious to know more? Here’s a detailed guide on making money as a TaskRabbit Tasker. Rumor has it, some Taskers make a living out of it, so give it a thought.

Also, these relatively simple TaskRabbit jobs show that there are people who can help you free up a lot of your time. Consider that when you have more important priorities to take care of.

While working for TaskRabbit is a great way to monetize your time, it’s not the only one. Previously we’ve covered several micro jobs to make money in your free time, from taking online surveys to taking photos of your receipts. And if you’d rather stay in the comfort of the internet, there are countless websites to earn money online by writing reviews, selling crafts, or editing photos.

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