TFT item Cheat sheets: Patch 9.14 comps, items and builds

Ever since patch 9.14 got released for Teamfight Tactics, we know it’s been a scramble to find the best cheat sheet, the best comp, the best items to get yourself ahead. Especially with all the streamers starting to flex their muscles on the newly available ranked queue, it’s a time when you can make a star of your own play in ranked! For all of you people looking to climb TFT’s ranked ladder, we made a list of the top three cheat sheets and resources for patch 9.14.

1. Champion Cheat Sheets for 9.14

We couldn’t make up our mind for any one tier list or cheat sheet that was the absolute best. It just seemed so subjective, and all our staff ended up fighting each other about what was actually better. Until the new ranked system lets us get a bit more validation for which guide is the best to follow, went by ease of access and usability!

First up, were the Blitz cheat sheets. Be it their item cheat sheet, or their hero tier list, both are incredibly easy to access on your mobile while you play – so if you’ve jumped into patch 9.14 without checking some of the items out, then you can just have that open to refer to whenever needed.

Slightly less user-friendly for mobile, but better for those who have a second screen and can blow up larger images – is the 9.14 cheat sheet by reddit user Owlf_.

If you want to have all your information available on one screen, with a neat selection of whichever cheat sheet suits your needs better, then that’s the one to go for. Unlike the Blitz sheet, this one lets you access a lot more information at the same time – so is ideal for larger second monitors.

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New to Teamfight Tactics?

How to download TFT

To get TFT, you will have to create a League of Legends account and download League of Legends completely. Once dowloaded and installed, click ‘Teamfight Tactics’ on the top navigation bar right hand side of your League of Legends welcome page to start playing.

2. Mobalytics TFT Meta Analysis Breakdown

If you’re new to the Autochess scene and have only been playing for a while now, then you want to go check out this guide from Mobalytics. While the patch notes themselves have been released by Riot too, you’re not going to find bits of information explaining each small change to particular champions there.

This gives you an easy, quick breakdown of whatever’s changed for TFT 9.14, while also giving small snippets of information to explain what it actually means.

If you’re a player who wants to experiment with their own items and champions instead of frantically searching for tier lists in 9.14, best builds of 9.14, and the best comps of 9.14, then this is the cheat sheet you need. Brisk explanations will tell you exactly what the minute adjustments to the numbers mean, and you can draw your own conclusions from them.

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3. Fanbyte’s TFT Builds Guide

Maybe you’re like us, and you’re a little skeptical of anyone who says they have the absolute best cheat sheet for 9.14. Ranked ladders were only released yesterday, unless Hafu or someone who’s been dominating everyone on Twitch is the person making the guide, how do we know it’s written by someone actually credible?

Fanbyte gives you five different comps to try and figure out whatever you want. It’s not as in depth as some people might like, but if you’re already a seasoned player who wants a few new guides to quickly shoot out and test on your own, then this is the guide for you.

Keep in mind that this is a series of guides for experienced players who want to climb the new ranked TFT ladder on 9.14 but don’t have the time to carefully craft a comp of their own.

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