Teamfight Tactics: The First Ranking System Is Available On The PBE

The beta phase of Teamfight Tactics is progressing, many fixes are applied and new mechanics are regularly introduced, it is now the turn of the ranking to be tested to launch the first season.


The latest game mode of the studio Riot cardboard, so much so that the servers were saturated during its launch . The technical problems do not mean to disarm the development team which intends to keep its road map. Indeed, since the launch of Teamfight Tactics, the publisher had already planned the implementation of a ranking system . The announcement of the latter was made when it was released, and so patch 9.14 was designated as the future patch bringing this one . Despite the first technical disappointment that was predictable, the editor brings a lot of fixes and improvements, he will also keep his promise to add a classified mode.

Summoners will soon be able to play competitively through matchmaking. If the patch is not yet deployed, some players may already start to climb the leaderboard, the system has already entered into force on the PBE servers . However do not panic, the patch should arrive shortly for live servers.


Patch 9.14 will mark the beginning of the “beta season” to use Riot’s words. This will allow the development team to test and adjust the system before launching the real season 1. The filed queue will be in place and the rankings and divisions are directly copied from the League of Legends system, ranging from Iron IV to Challenger . The system of promotion and demotion is also kept,  the series of placement consists of 5 matches that will define your rank. Given the difficulty of winning in a “royal battle” mode, it is expected that the first 4 players will earn points and the others will lose . 

The highly anticipated patch 9.14, which will allow you to measure your level, will arrive a little before the end of the month, it will be logically available on July 19 or 20.

 The Teamfight Tactics Invitational

Thirty-two streamers will compete today on the new League of Legends game mode for the first edition of the Teamfight Tactics Invitational.

Plus 1 Media is organizing today the first edition of the Teamfight Tactics Invitational. The kickoff of the tournament is scheduled around 16:00 (Paris time) and will bring together a total of 32 players, 32 influencers and streamers like Saintvicious, Scarra, Imaqtpie, Shiphtur and Dyrus.They will compete for a total cashprize of $ 12,500.

For this first edition of the Teamfight Tactics Invitational, the 32 competitors were divided into blocks. Each block will consist of eight streamers and a player rotation at the end of each game. The specific details of the format have not been published yet, but the scores seem to be based on a point system. Each participant will play five games against different opponents and, in the end, the player with the most points will win. 

Teamfight Tactics Invitational will start today around 16:00 and you can watch the tournament on the Twitch channel of each participant. As a reminder, Twitch has planned to organize, in collaboration with Riot Games, July 17 and 18, the first Twitch Rival tournament on this new mode during which 64 streamers Twitch will compete in a two-day tournament to win the glory and a portion of the prize pool which amounts to $ 125,000 (nearly 110,000 €).

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