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Tattoo motifs: the hidden meaning

Tattoo Motifs:  The tattoos are permanent drawings on the skin. They are made by applying a small amount of ink under the upper layer of the skin with the help of many needles. The size of the tattoo may vary. It can simply be a dot, a huge picture that covers the whole body, or at least large parts of it (the back, the chest, the whole leg, the whole arm). There are individual tattoo designs that are engraved on their own as small tattoos and those that can be part of a larger drawing.

Tattoo motifs: water lily

The etymology of the word “tattoo” comes from the Polynesian language meaning “hurt / wound”. The tattoos were spread in Europe at the beginning of the 19th century. What’s interesting is that originally only the sailors had tattoos. Moreover, it was believed that they were only for men. At the end of the 20th century, however, many taboos were broken and the tattoos became quite popular fashion accessories.

Tattoo motifs: nature

People have been tattooing since ancient times for a variety of reasons: religious, cultural, social. They did that in order to express their affiliation to a particular clan or the worship of a particular spirit or God. Today it is a bit different, however. Many people opt for a permanent drawing on their skin because it is simply trendy. However, there are many who regard the tattoo as a symbol of something specific on their bodies (memory, honour, love, faithfulness, etc.).

Depending on your own feelings and opinions you choose certain tattoo motifs which have a meaning for the respective tattoo wearer. The ancient tribal symbols, the mandalas, some floral species such as roses, daisies and water lilies, as well as some wild animals are among the most popular motifs.

Tattoo motifs and their meaning

Geometric tattoos

In recent years, the geometric tattoos have gained a lot of popularity. The prominent characteristic of this design is the combination of many intersecting geometric shapes. They can either have a simple symmetrical design or be a complex image. Usually, only black ink is used for the tattoo. Sometimes, however, other colours, 3D effects, or additional shapes, which add more attractiveness, are used.

Origami Tattoos

Other popular motifs are the Origami motifs. Especially the crane, which is chosen because it is known as a symbol of hope and spiritual and physical healing.

Feather and wing motifs

The feather and especially the wing motifs symbolise the freedom of the spirit and the pursuit of spiritual development. Some people, however, have different interpretations: they use such motifs in honour of a loved one, who is deceased. Many people have tattooed angel wings on their backs or on their necks. They believe that because of them they are always guarded by their guardian angel. The eagle wings, on the other hand, stand for royalty.

The lion as a symbol of power and valour

The hummingbird is the fastest bird in the world. It symbolises energy, but also delicacy and tact. The hummingbird tattoos symbolise the desire to try out the nicest things in life.

Animal motifs


Fairy tale motifs

Stars symbolise the desire to be in close contact with nature and everything that surrounds us.

Nature motifs


The lotus flower symbolises change, rebirth and the pursuit of a new, better life

The chakras and their colours

Yin and Yang – the eternal struggle between good and evil

Family, childbirth and fertility


Japanese motifs



A wolf in sheep’s clothing



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