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Borderlands 3 Typhon Logs locations Guide

Typhon Logs are a kind of crew challenge in Borderlands 3. They’re collectibles – each map will contain several, and when you’ve found them all, Tannis will be able to triangulate the locations of secret Typhon dead drop cache, which you can raid for rewards. If you’re having trouble finding the terminals containing the logs, we’re going to help you, so keep reading our Borderlands 3 Typhon Logs locations guide.

Droughts Typhon Log Locations

The first log is in the southeast of the map, north from the place where you first met Lilith. You’ll find it in the area with the large rock outcrops. The ECHO terminal will be on top of one of those, above a cave with some loot containers and a barrel fire.

The next one is in the west. Leave the camp in your car and follow the road north until you jump across a chasm using the ramp. Immediately turn left and hug the cliff until you’re in front of giant bone pillars. Go past them and head to the edge of the cliff. You’ll find the terminal there, near a broken down bus.

The third Typhon Log in Droughts is locked behind the last story mission that takes place on this planet, which will take you inside Dahl Orbital Control. Go through the main door, then climb up the stairs to the top. Head into the corridor and go through the huge hole in the wall. Proceed across the small coutryard, and head right. The Typhon Log will be right there, on the edge of the cliff.

If you don’t want to wait that long, there is a way to cheat the system, if you don’t mind trying to clamber up a cliff wall for a few minutes. Around the corner from under the Typhon Log, to the west, there’s a small pond. Near it, there’s a segment of the cliff wall that looks like a ramp. It’s slippery, but you can hop up there if you do it just right. At the top of the ramp, turn left, and keep trying to jump onto the rock above until you manage to pull it off. When you do, you’ll find yourself next to a chest that you can loot. Follow the path in front of you, past the satellite dish, and drop to the courtyard below. The Typhon Log will be to your left.

Ascension Bluff Typhon Log Locations Map

Typhon Logs in Ascension Bluff can be found if you approach the edge of the map frequently. Number 1 is found by following the road to the east/southest from the first fast travel marker. As the road makes its first bend northeastwards get out of the vehicle and go towards the edge of the map close to the guard tower. Second Typhon Log is found by continuing along the main road. You will go under a rock arch and by just sticking to the road you should discover the log along the eastern edge of the map. From there drive north, exiting the main road. When you reach the edge of the map go left, under some overhanging Rakk nests. You will cross a small river and on the edge above it is the third, and final, Typhon Log.

Now go and pick up the Typhon Dead Drop. Game should provide you with the location on the map. It is next to the vehicle spawn area, in a metal container. Climb on top of the roof of the container and there’s a hole you can drop through to get to the dead drop.

Meridian Outskirts Typhon Log locations

The first typhon log is close to the base in the south of Meridian Outskirts. Exit the corridor to the north and immediately turn left. You’ll see a settlement on the underside of the bridge. The terminal will be on the terrace of the leftmost container. Ride the elevator up, then go right and drop down onto the balcony – but go slowly or you’ll risk missing it and falling back down. The second log is nearby – if you turn to the northeast, you’ll spot a pillar in the middle of the canal. The terminal will be waiting for you at the bottom of the pillar.

The last log is in the north part of the map. Follow the canal until you reach the tunnel leading to the northern fast travel point. You’ll find the terminal at the entrance to the tunnel, in the rubble on the right.

Meridian Metroplex Typhon Logs

The first log in the Metroplex is on the western edge of the map. It’s hard to miss – it’s literally standing out in the open next to the railing. The second one is all the way in the north. Unlike the first one, it’s easy to miss, tucked away between the containers and trucks in the middle of the road. The last one is in the eastern part of town. You’ll find it above the vehicle bay entrance, next to the container.

Lectra City Typhon Log locations map

The first typhon log in Lectra City is in the northwest. It’s near the edge of the map, on top of a building. You’ll have to do some parkour in order to reach it. The second one is near Big Dock Energy, south of the middle of the map. It’s on the sidewalk by the edge of the area. The final log is far in the southeast, and it looks like it’s outside of the map. Go to the pier near the marker, and you’ll see a metal construction in the water nearby. The terminal is on it, and you can reach it by jumping onto the crates between the two.

Athenas Typhon Logs – where to find?

The first log in Athenas can be found in the western part of the area. It’s on top of a tall building, and in order to reach it, you’ll have to climb the smaller building next to it, then jump across the gap. The second one is at the graveyard at Dido’s Remorse, in the east. Go to the crypt in the north of the graveyard, then around it from the left. The terminal will be on the wall next to the crate. The last one is all the way to the south, in the large temple. You’ll find it in the water to the left of the statue.

Skywell 27 Typhon log collectible locations

The logs in this area are pretty hard to find. The first one is the easiest – you’ll find it in a building in the east. Enter through the door with the number one next to it, and follow the stairs to the control room. The terminal will be next to one of the windows. The second log is at the end of a jumping puzzle in the northwestern part of the upper level. You’ll need to jump along a series of ledges to get to it. The last one is on the lower level, in the northeast. As you enter the room in the picture, head right and look for a ladder. Climb it, then jump across the gap to reach the log.

Atlas HQ Typhon Log locations

The first typhon log in Atlas HQ is in the southwest, on the terrace overlooking the sea. The second one is in the big hall in the middle of the map. It’s on the upper floor, so you’ll have to take the stairs. The third is on the balcony overlooking the courtyard in the northeast.

Neon Arterial Typhon Logs – Where to find

The first log is in the southeast, near the fast travel point. You’ll find it by the road, next to a tree in a flower box. The second one can be found in front of the big Children of the Vault building in the north. It’s on a ledge to the right of the entrance. The last one is in a tiny cave in the west.

Anvil Typhon Logs

The first log can be found in the far south, on top of the small watchtower with the Warden graffiti and poster. The second one is in the soutwestern area called West of Gross. As soon as you enter the hangar off the main corridor, turn towards the door and you’ll see it between the two walkways. The last log is in the north. The marker will lead you to a glass skyway with vines. The terminal is on top of it, and you can use the boards on the platform next to it to get up there.

Floodmoore Basin Typhon Log locations in BL3

The first typhon log in Floodmoore Basin is located in the swamp settlement in the southeast. Go into it using the stairs next to the vehicle bay and head to the eastern part of the village. The terminal will be on a platform on the tower. The second log is right in the middle of the map, on the edge of the overlook with the bust. The third terminal is in the northwestern corner of the map, next to a tree by the edge.

Jakobs Estate Typhon Logs

You’ll find the first log on this map in the south, on a walkway above the swamp. The second log will be next to a tree in front of the mansion, in the west. The last one is inside the mansion – you’ll find it in the theater. Climb the stairs across the room from the stage and look for it in the gallery.

All Typhon Log and Typhon Dead Drop Locations

There’s going to be several of these on each map – we suspect it’s going to be three on each. This means a whole lot of logs, plus the dead drops themselves. It’s unfortunate you can’t just skip over finding the logs if you look at a guide and see the dead drop’s location, but that’s the way it is. The caches will be locked until Tannis triangulates their positions, which means you can’t cheat by looking their locations up. You’ll actually have to collect them all in order to claim the grand prize. At least you’ll get some Eridium, cash and experience in the process. You’ll also get snippets of lore, if that’s your kind of thing.

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