Streets of rage 4 Characters & how to Unlock

Streets of rage 4 Characters


A recurring enemy wrestler from the Streets of Rage series. Resembles an old WWF wrestler.

Adam Hunter

Adam Hunter, a boxer, has good strength and jump technique but is slow. He only appears as a playable character in the first Streets of Rage game, but is the main reason for the plot line of Streets of Rage 2.

Axel Stone

Axel Stone is the popular protagonist from SEGA’s classic Streets of Rage series. He and Blaze are the only two characters to appear in all three games. His trademark uppercut is called the “Grand Upper”, though sometimes confused to be saying “Grasshoppah!”


Disgruntled barman boss from Streets of Rage 2. An adept kicker.

Big Ben

Rotund fire-breathing enemy from Streets of Rage.

Blaze Fielding

Blaze Fielding is one of the playable characters in Sega’s Streets of Rage franchise. She and her friends Axel Stone and Adam Hunter left the police force, becoming vigilantes hunting after Mr. X. Blaze and Axel are the only two characters to have been in all three games.

Cherry Hunter

Cherry is the daughter of Streets of Rage 1’s Adam Hunter and niece of Eddie/Skate.

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Streets of rage 4 : How to Unlock Characters

  • Adam Hunter – beat stage 4 in story mode
  • SOR1 Axel Stone – hit 200,000 lifetime points
  • SOR1 Adam Hunter – hit 250,000 lifetime points
  • SOR1 Blaze Fielding – hit 310,000 lifetime points
  • SOR2 Max Thunder – hit 390,000 lifetime points
  • SOR2 Axel Stone – hit 480,000 lifetime points
  • SOR2 Blaze Fielding – hit 570,000 lifetime points
  • SOR2 Skate Hunter – hit 650,000 lifetime points
  • SOR3 Axel Stone – hit 730,000 lifetime points
  • SOR3 Blaze Fielding – hit 840,000 lifetime points
  • SOR3 Skate Hunter – hit 940,000 lifetime points
  • SOR3 Dr Gilbert Zan – hit 1,050,000 lifetime points
  • SOR3 Shiva – hit 1,150,000 lifetime points


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