Stranger Things 3 : Millie Bobby Brown was NOT happy

“Ok, I’m gonna be real with everyone right now. I was not happy…”

Eleven’s now iconic “I dump your ass” line might be Millie Bobby Brown‘s favourite quote of Stranger Things 3, but she actually wasn’t that impressed when she found out that El and Mike Wheeler were going to be breaking up in season 3.

Taking to Instagram live earlier this week, Millie answered some questions from her fans, one of whom was Joe Jonas. Hello, Joe Jonas. While Millie wouldn’t answer any questions about whether or not there was actually going to be a season 4, she gushed about her co-stars Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp and Dacre Montgomery and also she revealed her celebrity crush. It’s Timothée Chalamet, by the way. She thinks he’s very talented.

But anyway, more pressingly, Millie had a few things to say about the third season of the show and most of those things were about Eleven and Mike’s short-lived relationship. Long story short: She wasn’t happy about it!

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