Star Rail Trailer Teases New Locations, Sam Finally Reveals

miHoYo’s next big update for Honkai: Star Rail hasn’t been shared yet, but it’s already looking ahead. In a new trailer for Myriad Celestia, we see Kafka, one of Jepella Palace’s Stellaron Hunters, put on trial for her crimes. The presiding judges roam various locations, from the planet Screwllum and the Universal Auction of Attouine to the cyber prison of Inupeis.

In many of these places, the actions of the Stellaron Hunters have been catastrophic (such as releasing data demons on Inupeis). However, Kafka adds another charge – the Jepella rebellion, which begins at this point. It is revealed that the Judges were under his spell and their regime is slowly falling apart.

The ending sees another Stellaron Hunter, long believed to be Sam, telling Kafka to stop messing with his food. She promises next time, but it’s too late now. As suggested through various in-game dialogue, Sam appears to be a robot and one who seeks life (as opposed to Blade, who seeks death).

It’s unclear when it will join the roster, but we might see some of these places in the future. Honkai: Stellar Rail is available for PC, iOS, and Android, with a PS5 version due later this year. Check out our review here.

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