Small Hallway Solutions for Optmal Functionality

The hall is the first thing people see when they enter your home, so it is essential to make the most of it. Even if your flat or house has a small entrance corridor, you can still transform it into a functional, stylish and inviting space. If you are unsure where to start – fear not! Our team has selected over 60 small hallway decor ideas that will guide and inspire you. We have also included some useful tips to help you optimize any hall space, regardless how small!

So, without further ado, here are our suggestions!

  1. First of all, consider adding some functional storage options! We highly recommend shelves, as they will not clutter up your hallway, unlike wardrobes and cupboards. Besides, shelves can have a decorative function – you can tastefully arrange your favorite books and photos on them, or add some attractive storage boxes. There are quite a few really beautiful and functional shelving solutions in our gallery below.
  2. Framed paintings, prints, and photographs are a great idea for small, narrow hallways. They hint at the owner’s refined attention to detail and indicate refined taste. For optimal effect, opt for ten or more frames of various sizes and go for black and white images. Not only are they stylish, but they can also be combined with almost any home decor.
  3.  If you have just a little bit extra space, a simple set up featuring a small table and one or two chairs is also an excellent suggestion. Such an arrangement will add a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to your hall, especially if you choose furniture in a specific style (shabby chic, baroque, modern, etc.).
  4. Flooring plays a very important part in creating the right atmosphere. For narrow corridors, we recommend laminate in brighter hues. You can spice things up by adding a colorful hallway runner or a statement rug.
  5. Last but not least – lighting. Small halls are usually dark so you need to invest in several lighting sources. We love inbuilt ceiling lights, as they are delicate and effective. If you prefer, you can opt for an opulent chandelier or several statement lamps.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our hallway decor ideas! You can find loads of inspiration in the gallery below. Enjoy!

One of our favorite hallway decor suggestions – a tasteful arrangement of framed photographs

Beautiful combination between stylish lighting, beautiful flooring and wall decorations

two rows of square frames, in different sizes and colors, containing black and white images, hung on pale gray wall, hallway decor, grey and white floor tiles

Mirrors are an excellent choice, as they make small halls seem larger and brighter

large mirror in black frame, on white wall, near metal table with potted plant, hallway decor, dark laminate floor, staircase with beige rug

A cool and creative lighting idea

ornate ceiling lights, narrow corridor with pale grey walls, large mirror in wooden frame, hallway decor, laminate floor and coat rack, with two black hats

Walls painted in lighter colors and complemented with appropriate light sources are a great choice for small hallways

hallway decor, bright room with pale wooden floor, light cream walls, mirror in white frame, white settee and matching table, ceiling lamp with many crystal orbs, white framed painting

Laminate is cozy and stylish

narrow stairs with striped rug, dark wooden floor, walls with plaster details, blue framed painting, near table with tulips in vases, hallway decor

A narrow landing in pale blue, with wooden floors

landing with pale pastel blue walls, and white ceiling with a plain light, wooden floors and banisters, hallway decor, framed painting with white and pink

A statement lamp and some playful touches of color can really brighten up your hall and staircase

stairs painted in white and pastel blue, with a single step painted yellow, three pairs of shoes and a white electric guitar, large round yellow and white statement lamp, hallway decor, pale wooden floors, ornate golden frame

You can opt for a long hallway runner or several smaller rugs

six large square frames, containing black and white images, mounted on two opposite walls of a corridor, hallway decorating ideas, dark wooden floors, two beige rugs

Here are some more great hallway decor ideas

stained glass details on a white door, cream walls with white plaster details, black and white mosaic floor, hallway decorating ideas, black vintage table, with a flower vase and a lamp, near a mirror

many frames of different shapes and sizes, on a white wall under a staircase, hallway decorating ideas, solid wood floor, white shelves containing various items

hallway decorating ideas, open white front door, pale blue walls, white plaster details, mirror in white frame, pale grey desk with various items, and matching chair

Corridor shelves are functional and can be very stylish

large white cupboard, with shelves containing books and boxes, several photographs in differently sized and colored frames hanging above it, hallway decorating ideas, wooden laminate floor

brightly lit corridor, white walls and a multicolored rug, hallway decorating ideas, several shelves with farmed images on one wall, a large singe image in blue frame on opposite wall

Why not add multiple light sources?

two images showing exact same corridor, wooden laminate floor, white walls and brown doors, several round lantern-like ceiling lamps,hallway decorating ideas

dark solid wood floor, near white walls and door, hallway decorating ideas, narrow staircase, covered with striped rug, in different shades of brown

We love this creative storage idea!

hallway decor ideas, beige tiled floor, black and white patterned rug, near wall covered with white planks, with several coat hangers, and various baskets for storage

ajar wooden door, leading into a hall, with floors covered in rough stone tiles, patterned wallpaper and wooden bookshelves, antique typewriter on table, near two lamps and a framed painting, hallway decor ideas

Experiment with different furniture styles

long hallway runners, pale wooden laminate floor, white antique furniture, including a wardrobe, several cupboards and a desk, with a matching chair, long beige rug, with three pink stripes

three hallway decor ideas, white theme with shelves containing framed black and white photographs, a pale blue theme with maps on its walls, a classic theme with framed photos and a statement lamp

archway leading to a black staircase, black shiny floors, wooden table and two stools, framed abstract artwork, black and white patterned rug, long hallway runners

antique looking faded patterned rug, in red and pale blue, in a long corridor, visible wall covered with framed artworks, long hallway runners, potted plants nearby

A modern hallway reinterpretation in bright, fun colors

yellow walls and wardrobe, inside a small hall, with bright red coat hanger, hallway decor ideas, white smooth floor, livingroom in the background

beige rug with black details, on laminate floor, near wall with glass shelves, containing artwork and decorations, long hallway runners, several framed images on opposite wall

white corridor with windows on one side, minimalist wooden bench, laminate floors and square ceiling lamps, hallway decor ideas, furniture in background

antique wooden table, with three drawers, decorated with a lamp and other objects, hallway decor ideas, wooden laminate floor, framed artwork and mirror, vintage looking lamp, stairs nearby
Beautiful star-shaped statement lamps

black and white star-shaped lamps, hanging from a white ceiling, inside a corridor with pale beige walls, with white paneling, hallway decor ideas, dark solid wooden floor

two lit round lamps, made from clear glass, hanging from white ceiling, near two white doors, hallway decor ideas, two white walls, one decorated with three framed images

hallway furniture ideas, hall with pale patterned wallpaper, narrow white table, mirror and various decorations

books and many framed photos, on white shelves, near a small wooden chair, hallway furniture ideas, beige carpet

The antique ornate mirror and gorgeous chandeliers add a unique touch to this otherwise minimalist hallway

small hallway ideas, hall with pale duck's egg blue walls, windows with white windowpanes, mirror in ornate golden frame, three blue crystal chandeliers, pale wooden floor

buddha statue and golden candlestick, on antique wooden table, hallway furniture ideas, massive wooden floor, pale blue panels on walls and ceiling, round mirror and stone column

You can find some very useful hallway decor tips here:

rug in beige and black, with several abstract shapes in different colors, long hallway runners, inside a hall with white walls, containing small wooden table and two chairs

laminate floor, several large wall mirrors, small ornate table with decorations, hallway furniture ideas, staircase in the background

Spice your hall up with an original mural or wallpaper

black asymmetrical shelves covering a wall, in corridor with wooden floor, opposite wall is plain white, third wall has a green floral mural, hallway furniture ideas

Classic hallway decor is an enduring favorite

small black table, with lit table lamp, six small images in black frames, arranged in two rows, hallway furniture ideas, pale beige walls and carpet

archway entry with pale beige curtain, leading into a narrow corridor, with white walls, partially covered with black and white floral wallpaper, small hallway ideas

sleeping dog lying on beige rug, near a front door, inside hall with pale blue walls, and brown tiled floors, long hallway runners, various cupboards and a wooden settee

sixteen framed images, mounted on peach colored wall, hallway furniture ideas, two black columns, with a statue each, two ornate ceiling lamps

White paneling and mirrors, combined with discreet ceiling lights, make narrow corridors seem less cramped

narrow corridor, walls covered with white paneling, solid wooden floor, small ceiling lights, small hallway ideas, another room seen in background

hallway design ideas, long narrow corridor, pale blue-grey walls, with cream white paneling, and many framed images, white ceiling with inbuilt lights, tiled floor and white doors

flowers in a vase, placed on a narrow white cupboard with eight compartments, hallway furniture ideas, near a brown front door, and large framed photograph

blue and brown ornamental wallpaper, inside a hall, with wooden laminate floor, and dark brown wooden doors, hallway design ideas

Add a truly unique and charming personal touch, by decorating the hall with your children’s framed artworks

khaki green walls, white ceiling and pale beige floor tiles, inside a corridor with three white doors, small hallway ideas, framed mirror and four children's drawings on walls

narrow and very long corridor, with white walls and several white doors, lit round ceiling lamps, three chairs in different colors, long hallway runners, multicolored rug covering the floor

Stylish solution with natural stone details

luxurious minimalist hall, with wooden floorboards, inbuilt stone details in walls, hallway design ideas, wooden doors, two sculptures on a brown cupboard, potted plant in background

striped rug in pale and dark grey, covering narrow wooden stairs, and continuing on the floor below, long hallway runners, pale beige and grey walls, mirror in ornate frame

shoe closet made of wood, inside a narrow hallway, with pale laminate floor, small hallway ideas, white walls and doors, brown partition between rooms

brown frames in different sizes and shapes, containing family photographs, mounted on white wall, small hallway ideas, in corridor with white doors, wooden floor and a striped rug

Even a simple makeover can completely transform your hallway!

before and after, small hallway ideas, first image shows shabby hall, with worn and damaged floor boards, and one mirror, second image shows space with clean wooden floor, white shelves and cupboards, and several yellow ceiling lamps

minimalist clothes hanger, hanging from ceiling, with several coats hung on it, brown retro cupboard underneath, red floor and white walls, hallway design ideas, two hats hung on wall

duck's egg blue walls, inside a corridor with white paneling, and four white doors, hallway design ideas, two lit crystal chandeliers, patterned pale blue tiles on floor

shabby chic pale blue door, solid wooden floorboards, small white antique table with two matching chairs, near a large mirror, and wall candleholder with lit candles, hallway design ideas

Express yourself!

corridor painted in white and black stripes, with many images in different frames, small hallway ideas, dark wooden floor with striped rug, one wooden chair, blue chandelier with several striped lampshades

several large white bookshelves, with cupboards underneath, in a long corridor, with white walls, windows and framed images, hallway design ideas, long multicolored striped rug, round ceiling lamps

oriental multicolored rug, on wooden floor, inside white corridor, hallway design ideas, with windows and many framed images

massive solid wood chest of drawers, decorated with lamps, potted plants and other items, on wooden floor, next wo pale grey wall, covered with framed images, and inspirational messages

Don’t underestimate the details – small decorations can add a lot of character to your hallway!

simple narrow corridor, with white walls and doors, decorated with lit star-shaped chain lights, black garlands, and large black star lanterns

modern hallway with white walls, pale orange laminate floor, white cupboard and multicolored rug

many framed images, on black wall, inside a hallway with black and white tiled floor, white cupboard containing storage boxes

warm pale orange laminate floor, inside a corridor with pale grey walls, and white doors, large framed artwork on one wall

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