Short Bob Hairstyles – Chic, Dazzling and Fresh

Good news for everyone who likes bob hairstyles – they are coming back in a big way! Very short or mid-length, straight or curly – bobs will be everywhere you look this year. Their many variations make them a hit with ladies of all ages, and they look great in every color. In this article, we will show you a selection of the most popular styles at the moment. Our suggestions range from the elegant, vintage and romantic, to the bohemian and rebellious, so you are sure to find your perfect look here!

But before we get started, let’s answer an important question: what exactly are bob hairstyles?

In the past, women were expected to have lush flowing tresses and short hairstyles were considered unfeminine and distasteful. This changed in the first years of 1900 when a number of brave young women began cutting their hair in order to rebel against society’s rigid gender roles. Gradually, this small act of defiance grew into a global trend, and the bob mania was born. Short hair was much lighter and easier to care for, and quickly became a symbol of modernity and freedom. Traditionally, bobs are cut at jaw level, however, in some cases, they can reach chin or shoulder length.

This romantic, wavy look is one of our favorite bob hairstyles.

What are some important things to consider before getting your hair bobbed?

Think carefully before making the decision! Although it’s true that hair grows back, some people end up regretting cutting off their long locks. Remember that shorter styles are less taxing to your scalp and help your hair get stronger and healthier!

Once you are absolutely sure that you’d like to get your hair bobbed, it’s time to decide what style to choose. Luckily, there are suitable bobs for every face shape. Shoulder-length styles with gentle waves look great on round faces, especially when parted in the middle. Ladies with longer faces can opt for a bob with bangs, while those who have a square-shaped visage will look great with short, asymmetrical hair. Blunt bob hairstyles are great for both heart-shaped and oval faces, as are voluminous cuts with a side parting, featuring waves or curls.

Beautiful and feminine, side-parted bob hairstyles with curls are timeless and chic

What kinds of bobs are there?

Bob hairstyles have numerous varieties. The asymmetrical style is particularly popular at the moment. It can be spotted on trend-setting celebrities like Rihanna and features hair that is slightly longer on one side, or longer at the front and shorter at the back. This look is perfect for ladies who want to underline their rebellious streak. Those who want to look professional, on the other hand, should opt for a blunt bob. Straight and sharply cropped, this style embodies strength and precision and can be worn with or without bangs. Curly bobs are ideal for romantic souls inspired by vintage beauty. Whimsical and sweet, they are the perfect embodiment of feminine charm with a playful, flirty twist.

Emma Watson looks dazzling in a retro-inspired, voluminous bob

Once you choose a bob that’s right for you, it’s time to think whether you’d like to add a splash of color. Short styles make dying your hair a lot easier, so you can experiment with some bold and refreshing hues! Platinum blonde, pink, grey, white and teal and violet are currently very popular. The more adventurous can even opt for a multicolored do, with highlights or an ombre effect.

A gorgeous example of a side-swept asymmetrical bob with blond highlights

Don’t be afraid to experiment and add a bold splash of color

Glamorous layered style with a bohemian twist

Smooth straight bob with perfectly cropped bangs. Why not?

Shaggy bobs look natural and cute on any face shape

This platinum blonde bob and its bold, thick fringe will get you noticed

We love this sweet, voluminous style

Alexa Chung looks great with a dynamic, layered bob

Straight, sharp and choppy – Hayden Panettiere’s bob perfectly frames her delicate features

Paramore’s Hayley Williams loves to experiment with her hair. Here she’s rocking a gorgeous, asymmetrical platinum blonde bob

How cool is this salt-and-pepper colored style and its messy bun?

The graceful and stylish Keira Knightley sports a short wavy bob, which gently softens her features

Lily Allen has always favored hairstyles that make her stand out from the crowd. We adore this striking pastel pink bob!

Wavy asymmetrical bob with side bangs – a great choice for any face shape

Victoria Beckham with her iconic cropped bob

Looking for an eye-catching look with a punk rock vibe? Why not opt for bright neon highlights?

Beyonce’s curly bob is on fleek

Voluminous, colorful, fun – the perfect bob!

Rihanna’s hair always looks amazing, but this slick asymmetrical bob is truly unforgettable!

Cara Delevingne sporting a gorgeous side-braided platinum blonde bob 

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