Scrap mechanic Survival: Multiplayer How to?

scrap mechanic how to multiplayer

How to play multiplayer on scrap mechanic

This is fantastically hard to figure out if you’ve never done it before. Here’s what I did so me and my son could play:

1) Get to be friends on Steam. (Also a convoluted process, but one that has some instructions already. If somebody wants to link to them, that’d be cool, but I lost the pointer.)
2) Pick one machine as the “Server”. The beefiest of the machines that are going to be playing is probably the right choice. Start up Scrap Mechanic on that machine as normal.
3) Load up Scrap Mechanic on that machine as-normal.
4) On the “client”, press Shift-Tab, this brings up the Steam overlay.
5) Look for whoever you want to play with under “FRIENDS”, click on the little triangle to the right of their gamertag and choose “Join Game…” of of the menu’

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