PUBG: New State Codes 2022 (January)

Find a list of all the redeem codes active and available on PUBG: NEW STATE, which allows you to get your hands on many bonuses to customize your weapons and your character.

PUBG New State Codes

PUBG: New State Codes

The different lists below list all the codes available, or which have been, classified according to their date of appearance on  PUBG: NEW STATE, available since the end of the year 2021. These codes allow you to collect several bonuses, mainly skins that will allow you to customize your character or weapons. However, sometimes the developers offer other bonuses, in an attempt to please their community.

These codes are shared by the developers on the official site, Discord, Reddit, or even via the content creators who publish them during the various streams. It is therefore easy to miss them. That is why we are listing them for you below. If some are no longer functional, please let us know in the comments so that we can update the list. Obviously, each code can only be used once. Others, on the other hand, are limited and can only be used by the fastest players.

PUBG: New State Active Codes

  • SKULLKINGTICKET : This code redeem for get Cashier
  • LORDOFBLOOD : This code redeem for get Crate.

PUBG: New State Expired Codes

  • SNOWFLAKECRATE : This code redeem for get Snow Flake Box.
  • HAPPYNEWSTATE : This code redeem for get Chiken Medals and Tickets.
  • WINTERHOLIDAY : This code redeem for get Chiken Medals.
  • WINTERCARNIVAL15 : This code redeem for get Winter Carnival.

How to Active a Code in Pubg Mobile?

To activate a code on  PUBG: NEW STATE, you will have to go to the special page opened by PUBG Corporation and Tencent for the occasion ( here ). You will need to enter your player ID, called Character ID, which is particularly long and complex. This is why we advise you to copy and paste it from your phone to a medium where you can retrieve it via your computer or type it once and save it somewhere so that you do not have to repeat the operation each time. You can find it in the “player profile” section at the top left of your screen (from within the game) and copy it.

Then, you just have to enter one of the above codes in the “Coupon Code” part and pass the CAPTCHA, which verifies that you are not a bot. Then a window will open to let you know that the content has been given to you. If the code has expired, an error message will be displayed. The reward will automatically be added to your inventory.

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