Pocket Sky: Shines Light in Your Eyes to Help You Feel Awake

A new wearable device aims to give users an energy lift in 20 minutes by shining blue light in their eyes. It’s quite an interesting concept, and it could definitely come in handy for anyone who struggles with having enough energy throughout the day.

Pocket Sky Features

Basically, Pocket Sky is a wearable that shines blue light in your eyes in order to help you feel more awake by fixing your day-night cycle. It’s designed to work like the sun. By shining soft blue light into your eyes, it promises to slow the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which should help you feel more energized and awake.

According to the creators, you only need to wear the device for 20 minutes a day to receive the full benefit, which sounds pretty convenient assuming it actually works as advertised.

Outside of daily use for gaining energy, the creators cite the benefits for travelers who are forced to deal with jetlag. Because when you’re out of sync with the day-night cycle, energy can be a major issue. They claim that their headset can help reset the body’s clock, which is critical to stopping jetlag.

Pocket Sky is portable. It’ll fit in your pocket and it won’t weigh you down, as it only comes in at 12g.

Obviously, something like this brings up a question of safety. We’ve often been told that staring at the blue lights of our smartphones is bad for us, so would directly shining light in our eyes actually be beneficial? According to the creators, the device is photo-biologically safe according to EN 62471:2008. They say that it “comes below its critical threshold by a factor of 20,” which means it should be safe to use.

Pocket Sky Price and Release Date

The creators of Pocket Sky are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter to bring their interesting wearable to market. It’s already exceeding its funding goal by a large margin. That means that barring unforeseen issues, the product should actually release.

The early bird specials are still available, which means backers can order a device for €99 (around $111). The company intends to deliver the Pocket Sky devices to backers in September 2019.

Before you jump in, make sure you’re aware of the risks that come with backing a crowdfunding project.

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