Persona 5 royal kaneshiro Blank codes cheats

Persona 5 royal kaneshiro codes

Persona 5 Royal Ultimate Edition Review

One of the best games of 2017 just got even better: Persona 5 Royal is out now on PS4 in North America and Europe, and it makes Atlus’ already-massive, beloved JRPG even bigger. It reworks the storyline and adds a host of new features, including a new party member, mechanics, and cutscenes to make sure fans spend even more time exploring modern Japan and the psyches of its crooked denizens. It’s even changing some of Persona 5’s problematic scenes.

Updates like Royal are par for the course for the Persona series–both Persona 3 and Persona 4 received major re-releases–but Royal looks to be the biggest update a Persona game has ever gotten. We’ve been following the game since it was announced in Japan, and you can check out our P5R reveal trailer analysis or our breakdown of the several new features in the game.

Persona 5 royal codes cheats

Persona 5 Royal kaneshiro codes cheats

The Phenomenal Phantom Thief (Platinum): Obtained all trophies.
A Most Studious Disguise (Silver): Scored the highest on your exams.
My Closest Partner (Silver): Entered a special relationship.
Pure Perfection (Silver): Maxed out all social stats.
Talent Thief (Silver): Obtained a Skill Accessory from a Palace ruler.
The Search for Power (Silver): Completely changed the cognition of Mementos.
True Confidence (Silver): Maxed out one of your Confidants.
Unsurpassed Rebel (Silver): Conquered the Reaper.
A Deadly Debut (Bronze): Performed a Guillotine execution.
A Grand Experiment (Bronze): Performed an Electric Chair execution.
A Hustler’s Journey (Bronze): Played a game of billiards.
A Night in Kichijoji (Bronze): Attended the jazz club.
A Serene Experience (Bronze): Visited a temple.
Accident-Prone (Bronze): Performed an execution during a Fusion Alarm.
Angler’s Debut (Bronze): Passed time at the fishing pond.
Awakening the Phantom Thieves (Bronze): Evolved a party member’s Persona.
Batter Up! (Bronze): Scored a hit at the batting cages.
Dartslinger (Bronze): Played a game of darts.
Easy Money (Bronze): Won the lottery.
Efficient Executioner (Bronze): Performed a Group Guillotine execution.
Getting the Vapors (Bronze): Couldn’t take the heat in the bathhouse.
Going Against the Crane (Bronze): Scored a prize in the crane game.
I am Thou… (Bronze): Obtained a Persona through negotiation.
Intensive Training (Bronze): Used Incense on a Persona in Lockdown.
It’s Showtime! (Bronze): Performed a Showtime attack.
Jose’s Favorite Customer (Bronze): Traded in flowers while in Mementos.
Leblanc Buffer (Bronze): Cleaned up in Leblanc.
Let’s Blow It Up (Bronze): Defeated enemies via Disaster Shadow explosion.
Master of Akihabara (Bronze): Ordered from the special menu at the maid café.
One Step at a Time (Bronze): Completed a Mementos request.
Phantom Thieves: Assemble! (Bronze): Established your own squad of thieves.
Professional Modification (Bronze): Customized a gun.
Punch That Clock! (Bronze): Worked a part-time job.
Spirit of Rebellion (Bronze): Obtained Arsène.
Success Built on Sacrifice (Bronze): Performed a Gallows execution.
Tactical Teamwork (Bronze): Performed a Baton Pass.
Technician (Bronze): Triggered a Technical.
The Deviated Cognition (Bronze): Encountered a deviation in Mementos.
The Phantom Philatelist (Bronze): Traded in stamps while in Mementos.
The Purpose of a Thief (Bronze): Obtained a Treasure Demon.
Tokyo Tourist (Bronze): Went to a hangout spot with someone.
Trash Into Treasure (Bronze): Sold old clothing at Furugi no Neuchi.
You’d Better Hang On! (Bronze): Used the grappling hook.


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