Omega Strikers Codes - Free Emotes [2023 May]

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New to the new Omega Strikers game that was just released? Omega Strikers and you looking for all the new redeem codes list that are available in the game with a full list for May 2023.

Omega Strikers is a potential game. In the game, your objective is to grow your Anime Fighting by eating up in the world where you get bricks and then sell them to get coins to buy stronger Anime fighting. Buy more upgrades like energy to increase the Anime Fighting size. Since the game is now released they only have one code available to redeem.

How to find new active codes for the Omega Strikers in 2023?

The new Omega Strikers game has only made two ways of getting new Omega Strikers remote codes and they are from the following social media, make sure you follow them to get updates and more codes to catch up:

How to redeem Omega Strikers Codes ?

To redeem Omega Strikers Codes click on the Round blue Twitter button on the left side of the screen then it will open up a codes tab. In the tab put the following codes from the list and click on the green tick square button to redeem.

List of all Omega Strikers Codes to Redeem in (May) 2023

  • MoistVS—Redeem for a free Moist Asher Skin reward!
  • RakinVS—Redeem for a free Artilheira Juliette Skin reward!
  • LilyVS—Redeem for a free Sweet Bee Juno Skin reward!
  • 5UP—Redeem for a free 5UP Emoticon reward!
  • ASU—Redeem for a free ASU Esports Association Emotion reward!
  • BLAU—Redeem for a free Blau Emoticon reward!
  • CODE—Redeem for a free Placeholder2 Emoticon reward!
  • DRLUPO—Redeem for a free DrLupo Emoticon reward!
  • COMFY—Redeem for a free Lily Emoticon reward!
  • DYRUS—Redeem for a free Dyrus Emoticon reward!
  • RAKIN—Redeem for a free Rakin Emoticon reward!
  • TORI—Redeem for a free Tori Emoticon reward!
  • HAFU—Redeem for a free Hafu Emoticon reward!
  • NECRIT—Redeem for a free Placeholder Emoticon reward!
  • NEMU—Redeem for a free Nemu Emoticon reward!
  • MOIST—Redeem for a free Moist Emoticon reward!
  • RAYDITZ—Redeem for a free Rayditz Emoticon reward!
  • NINER —Redeem for a free NINER Emoticon reward!
  • DUCKY—Redeem for a free Ducky Emoticon reward!
  • TACO—Redeem for a free IKeepItTaco Emoticon reward!
  • LESLERS—Redeem for a free Fuslie Emoticon reward!
  • SYKKUNO—Redeem for a free Sykkuno Emoticon reward!
  • TUONTO—Redeem for a free Tuonto Emoticon reward!
  • COOG—Redeem for a free COOG Emoticon reward!
  • TRITON—Redeem for a free TRITON Emoticon reward!
  • HAMBURGER—Redeem for a free Hamburger Emoticon reward!
  • KING—Redeem for a free King Emoticon reward!
  • CHICO— Redeem for a free Chico Emoticon reward!

  • DUSSELDORF—Redeem for a free Dusseldorf Emoticon reward!
  • FANSHAWE—Redeem for a free FANSHAWE Emoticon reward!
  • BOSTON—Redeem for a free Boston College Gaming Emoticon reward!
  • BRUINGG—Redeem for a free Bruin Gaming Emoticon reward!
  • CMU—Redeem for a free CMU Emoticon reward!
  • ENVIOSITY—Redeem for a free Enviosity Emoticon reward!
  • ESPORTSFS—Redeem for a free Esports Club at Florida State Emoticon reward!
  • ETSU—Redeem for a free ETSU Emoticon reward!
  • FGCU—Redeem for a free FGCU Emoticon reward!
  • GARDENSTATE—Redeem for a free Garden State Esports Emoticon reward!
  • GCU—Redeem for a free GCU Esports Emoticon reward!
  • ILLINI—Redeem for a free Illini Esports Emoticon reward!
  • GEORGIATECH—Redeem for a free GT Esport Emoticon reward!
  • HARRISBURG—Redeem for a free Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Emoticon reward!
  • IEN—Redeem for a free IEN Emoticon reward!
  • IHSEA—Redeem for a free IHSEA Esports Emoticon reward!
  • VIENNA—Redeem for a free Vienna Emoticon reward!
  • INDIANA—Redeem for a free INDIANA Emoticon reward!
  • KEAN—Redeem for a free Kean University Emoticon reward!
  • LIBERTY—Redeem for a free Liberty Esports Emoticon reward!
  • MSSTATE—Redeem for a free Mississippi State University Esports Emoticon reward!
  • NVCC—Redeem for a free Northern Virginia Community College Emoticon reward!
  • NWCIOWA—Redeem for a free Northwestern College Emoticon reward!
  • OHIOSTATE—Redeem for a free Ohio State University Emoticon reward!
  • HNORTHERN—Redeem for a free Ohio Northern University Esports Emoticon reward!
  • OKWESLEYAN—Redeem for a free Oklahoma Wesleyan University Emoticon reward!
  • PURDUE—Redeem for Purdue University Gamers Group Emotion reward!
  • RUTGERS—Redeem for a free Rutgers Esports Emoticon reward!
  • RWU—Redeem for a free Roger Williams University Emoticon reward!
  • SHERIDAN—Redeem for a free Sheridan Esports Emoticon reward!
  • SLIPPERYROCK—Redeem for a free Slippery Rock Esports Emoticon reward!
  • SPARTANS—Redeem for a free Spartans Emoticon reward!

  • STCLAIR—Redeem for a free Saint Clair University Esports Emoticon reward!
  • STLOUIS—Redeem for a free Saint Louis University Esports Emoticon reward!
  • TEMPLE—Redeem for a free Temple Esports Emoticon reward!
  • TNTECH—Redeem for a free TNTECH Emoticon reward!
  • TXST—Redeem for a free TXST Esports Emoticon reward!
  • UBC—Redeem for a free UBC Emoticon reward!
  • UCF—Redeem for a free UCF Esports Emoticon reward!
  • UCSB—Redeem for a free UCSB Emoticon reward!
  • UNCCH—Redeem for a free UNC Chapel Hill Esports Emoticon reward!
  • UOTTAWA—Redeem for a free uOttawa Esports Emoticon reward!
  • UWRF—Redeem for a free UWRF Esports Emoticon reward!
  • UWSTOUT—Redeem for a free UW Stout Esports Emoticon reward!
  • WATERLOO—Redeem for a free Waterloo Warriors Emoticon reward!
  • WICHITA—Redeem for a free WICHITA Emoticon reward!
  • WILDCATS—Redeem for a free Wildcats Emoticon reward!
  • WINTHROP—Redeem for a free Winthrop University Emoticon reward!

Omega Strikers Codes (Expired)

  • BRUTE : Use this code redeem to receive a free reward 
  • 2BVISITS: Use this code redeem to receive a free 200k Cash (LATEST)
  • xonaeday21 : Use this code redeem to receive a free reward
  • hammertime : Use this code redeem to receive a free Ban Hammer Skin
  • trolling… : Use this code redeem to receive a free Tomfoolery Delinquent skin
  • NEVERBROKEN : Use this code redeem to receive a free Beatable Calling Card
  • CRACKED : Use this code redeem to receive a free Calling Card
  • dhmubruh : Use this code redeem to receive a free Grind Set Calling Card
  • the 2021 spooky code : Use this code redeem to receive a free Herobrine Delinquent
  • 3BILLY : Use this code redeem to receive a free Holoend Kill Effect 
  • NEWMILO : Use this code redeem to receive a free Delinquent skin with the Milo unusual 

Hopefully, you found these Omega Strikers codes useful. We also have other game codes list that you can also find them out by searching on the website.

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