Nioh 2: How to get Onmyo Skill points

nioh 2 how to get onmyo skill points

Nioh 2 has a skill tree named ‘Magic Skills’ which is designed for a magical-casting playstyle and is focused on talismans. This Nioh 2 Onmyo Magic Skills guide will walk you through all the information about each of the skills available in the Magic Skills tree.

nioh 2 how to get onmyo skill points

How to Get Ninjutsu and Onmyo Skills in Nioh 2?

Get Onmyo Mage’s Locks & Use them from Inventory – they are found as item pickups in fixed locations. On the world map you can click X and R1 on a mission to see how many there are and how many you’ve found. Later they are also obtained from Dojo Missions.

To unlock Ninjutsu Skills and Onmyo Magic skills in Nioh 2, you first have to find Ninja’s Locks and Onmyo Mage’s Locks, respectively, and use them from the Inventory menu. You can find these in missions at fixed locations (hit X and R1 on a mission in the world menu to see how many there are), and later, you can obtain them by completing missions at the Dojo.

Once you have one of the Locks and use them, press the touchpad and then select Learn Skills. Pick whichever skill you want. The next step is to go to a Shrine and hit Ready Jutsu. Select your Ninja and / or Onmyo Magic skill and assign it to a button shortcut. Boom, now you can use these abilities. Now, we have to figure out how to increase your proficiency in these skills and unlock new ones.

Onmyo skill points and progression (Twitter)

Onmyo skill points and progression from Nioh


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