Need ideas for furnishing a 20m2 studio? We have 50 great suggestions!

Looking for cool and stylish studio apartment ideas? Perhaps you are a student trying to find a chic and affordable accommodation in the city, or an artistic individual who prefers smaller, cozier homes? If so, this article is for you! We have carefully selected the 50 very best suggestions for furnishing a one-bedroom flat.

You can’t deny the fact that small apartments have a lot of charm. They are often the preferred choice of housing for young professionals, couples, and students. But how does one decorate a studio without making it look cluttered? Well, first of all, consider going back to the basics. Decide what your priorities are, and furnish your compact home accordingly, clearing out all unnecessary items.

If your main priority is having a good night’s sleep, here is a nifty tip: use thick blackout curtains to separate your sleeping area from the rest of the flat. They are very affordable, functional, and easy to install. All you need are the right curtain rods or rails. Once done, you will have complete privacy, and will be able to enjoy a healthier, more restful sleep. Besides, blackout curtains are great for keeping the morning sunlight away. The only downside is that they can make your studio seem smaller. If you are willing to look past that, however, they are indeed a great option!

Foodies, who love cooking a healthy home meal, should consider investing in a quality extractor hood with filter for their stove. This will help them get rid of food odours and keep their home fresh. Alternatively, they could choose a sliding or pocket door, separating the kitchen area from the rest of the studio. Depending on the make and materials, these can cost anything from 300 to well over a thousand.

Mezzanine beds are an excellent option for people who want more free room in their studio. Combining comfort with useful storage facilities, these beds are a great choice for small homes. And if you would like to see some visual representations of our studio apartment ideas, check out the gallery below!

Classic studio apartment ideas – a bright and cozy one-room home:

Yet another proof that small flats can be comfy and stylish:

dining table and bed, sofa and wooden coffee table, shelves and framed artworks,studio apartment ideas, inside room with two brick walls

Wondering how to get more privacy in a studio apartment?

studio apartment ideas, half-drawn ivory-colored curtains, separating a bed from the rest of the room, studio apartment ideas, laminate floor with fluffy off-white rug

Furnishing a 20m2 home is no longer a daunting task:

laminate floor inside big room, studio apartment ideas, white walls and a faded rug, bed and sofa, mirror and artworks

Here are some great ideas for optimizing your space:

Nice and cozy studio decoration for a couple:

compact one-room flat, with kissing couple in a mezzanine bed, studio apartment ideas, asymmetrical wooden dining table, with white chairs, sofa and many filled bookshelves

Small does not equal shabby! Check out this amazing 20m2 Indonesian flat, complete with a slick, space-saving folding bed:

Creative and original idea for furnishing a studio apartment:

three lit lamps, inside a room with white walls, studio apartment ideas, gray sofa and bed with many cushions, laminate floor with rugs, framed artworks and a coffee table

Isn’t this one-room home furnished to perfection?

chequered rug in dark brown and cream, on light laminate floor, inside room with gray and white walls, bed with a drawn gray curtain, sofa and coffee table

Stylish student accommodation in white and pale blue:

small apartment ideas, blue blackout and white sheer curtains, inside a studio flat, with bed and sofa, white cupboard and dark brown wooden floor

Affordable, yet functional Рthe winning combination for studio apartments:

potted plant inside a tiny, open-plan home, small apartment ideas, white kitchenette with oven, laminate floor with rugs, two lit lamps

Truly inspirational home decoration:

round small dining table, with four mismatched chairs, inside a bright room, with pale wooden floors, kitchenette and several framed images, small apartment ideas

vibrant floral wallpaper, with folk-inspired motives, covering half of a wall, inside small kitchenette, small apartment ideas, white and pale gray color scheme

two windows inside a room with white walls, gray sofa and bed, asymmetrical coffee table, small apartment ideas, bookshelves and TV

brown and white wooden library shelves, inside room with one brick wall, black sofa and lamp, multicolored rug on the floor, and wooden beams on the ceiling, small apartment living room ideas

messy bed in white and gray, near blue-gray desk and matching chair, light wooden floor, grey sofa and white round table, small apartment ideas, framed artworks and shelves

One of our favourite 20m2 studio apartment ideas:

open terrace attached to a bright room, white walls and sheer white curtains, pale gray sofa and white bed, small apartment ideas, laminate floor and white rustic coffee table

apartment design, kitchenette and living room area, white sofa with several cushions, dining table with four chairs, fluffy dark gray rug

rusty red settee, near modern white coffee table, placed over round multicolored rug, retro-style apartment design

Opt for light walls and furniture in vibrant colors:

white ceiling with wooden beams, inside spacious room, with white floor, apartment design, turquoise clothes rack, with several pieces of clothing, and other items

wooden floor in pale beige, inside room with white and pale gray walls, bed with hot pink board, apartment design, white sofa and two coffee tables

sleeping area with small bed, half-separated from the living room area, through a white partial wall, with glass inserts, apartment design, off-white sofa and bookshelves nearby

set of modern round table and two chairs, wooden laminate floor, cool apartment design, partial wall decorated with various potted plants

Nordic-style student flat:

nordic-style studio, white and pale gray walls, light gray sofa and dark gray rug, stylish apartment design, knitted fabrics and fur

studio apartment design, white cupboard with many, square storage compartments, half-separating sleeping area, from living room area, white sofa and two square coffee tables

sculptures and plants, inside a spacious bright room, with retro laminate floor, and vintage furniture, studio apartment design

bedroom with dark gray and white walls, and bed with pale gray bed covers, separated from the rest of the studio with folding doors, studio apartment design, brown laminate floor

framed poster on gray wall, inside small home, with semi-detached sleeping area, studio apartment design, gray sofa and small coffee table

Transform your studio apartment into a cutting edge designer pad!

brick wall with industrial feel, inside room with small kitchenette, studio apartment design, off-white sofa and rustic coffee table

purple fluffy wall decoration, inside room with two windows, dark gray sofa with several cushions, studio apartment design, light wooden chest of drawers, and bed nearby

bed with white and gray covers and pillows, inside room with white walls, and beige laminate floor, studio apartment design, dark gray sofa, and white coffee table, several rustic decorations

small apartment living room ideas, white floor and walls, in room with two windows, kitchen area and dining table with chairs, white sofa and TV

Another chic suggestion:

sleeping dog on a pale gray sofa, near wooden coffee table, and white bookshelves, small apartment living room ideas, bed and terrace in the background

curtain made from lit string lights, inside studio with dark blue sofa, and wooden coffee table, small apartment living room ideas, several potted plants and colorful decorations

color scheme in soft pastel tones, inside room with white walls, decorated with several framed images and posters, small apartment living room ideas, sofa with several cushions, light brown rug

Beautiful light beige decor:

balcony with open door, and sheer white curtains, attached to room decorated in light colors, sofa with several cushions, small apartment living room ideas, cream fluffy rug, round coffee table

mink-colored sofa, with several cushions, small apartment living room ideas, purple wall ornament, pale gray curtains and wallpaper, bed with light gray covers

studio apartment decorating ideas, white room with round gray fluffy rug, off-white sofa with several cushions, white cupboard and large TV, lamp and coffee table

table with tea and cakes for two, with several small vases with purple tulips, kitchenette and bed, black sofa and light wooden stool, studio apartment decorating ideas

antique ornamental chandelier, hanging inside spacious room, with two windows and white wooden floor, studio apartment decorating ideas, two retro sofas and coffee table, bed and striped rug

floral wallpaper in pale beige and white, near bed with four sets of pillows, wooden floor and sheepskin rug, studio apartment decorating ideas, gray sofa and white coffee table nearby

Transform your 20m2 studio apartment into a cozy little nest:

minimalist one-room accommodation, with white sofa, modern coffee table made from metal and wood, studio apartment decorating ideas, bed with pale gray cover

different views of a small flat, three windows and white walls, retro laminate floor, gray bed and black settee, studio apartment decorating ideas, collage of three images

Arty and minimalistic one-room home:

posters and other decorations, inside room with white walls and floor, simple single bed, black sofa and wooden coffee table, studio apartment decorating ideas, striped gray rug and cushions

mirror in black frame, leaning against a pale beige wall, inside a room with two windows, sofa and bed, how to decorate a studio apartment

Industrial decor is still a big hit, especially when it comes to studio apartments:

how to decorate a studio apartment, small industrial style home, on two levels, with metal staircase, modern pale gray sofa, and two round coffee tables

artwork of madonna in black and white, hanging over a small bed, in one-room flat, with gray sofa and pale gray rug, how to decorate a studio apartment, laminate floor and glass coffee table

black ceiling with metal pipes and details, in open-plan industrial style home, how to decorate a studio apartment, double bed and dark gray sofa, red patterned kilim rug, bookshelves and decorations

square and round artworks in black and white, inside minimalistic room, how to decorate a studio apartment, pale wooden floor, sofa and bed in white

A beautiful suggestion with sheer white curtains:

half-drawn curtains, made from sheer-white fabric, separating a sleeping area with white bed, how to decorate a studio apartment, ivory-colored wooden floorboards, vintage chair and rug

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