Most Used Netflix Hidden Codes – Netflix 2020

Netflix Hidden Codes

What is Netflix Hidden Codes?

Netflix Hidden codes in 2020 like before, it’s mean all films and tv shows categories have a code to access to them. We have loaded the categories list codes for access to more films and tv shows.

Netflix Hidden Codes

How To Use Netflix Hidden Codes?

Netflix has assigned an ID number to each genre and sub-genre so that you can directly access their pages by typing the number along with the following URL.

The ID number of the category “military movies based on real-life” is 1216900. So, the URL becomes something like:

Hidden Codes for Netflix Categories?

Action and adventure


Children and family

Classic movies


Horror movies



Foreign movies



Sci-fi and fantasy



TV shows

How to Discover new Netflix Hidden Codes?

If you realized, these so-called cheat codes were in front of your eyes all the time. On a specific Netflix page, you can simply take a look at the URL.

Also, for example, you’re on the horror movie page, you can simply click on any of the recommendations at the top and you end up on a new category of content.

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