Getting Started on Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: High Level Tips and Advice

MHR expansion arrives with new monsters and master rank difficulty. Discover useful information to know in advance in this guide, in order to accelerate your progress and not miss anything.

Monster Hunter Rise ‘s Sunbreak expansion has arrived, and hordes of veteran hunters (or not) will be able to experience its high-level content. We are not going to give you a tutorial, you can consult our guide to getting started on Monster Hunter Rise instead. We will instead focus on the few tips and tricks you may need so as not to miss important elements for dozens of hours. We are also not going to detail features that the game already explains well enough, such as Substitute Talents or the new features of the Pilpoils Dojo.

New features

  • One of the big changes of the extension is the possibility of climbing walls and obstacles simply by running, without using the Filoptere. This is useful during the exploration phases, but it can also be deadly during combat, since it can cause you to run on walls when you would have preferred to dive forward or heal yourself. You can disable this feature during battles in the game’s command options.

  • Complete the quests given by the characters in town as quickly as possible, especially those related to Pilpoils, this will unlock new abilities and useful features.
  • Ride of wyverns is more useful than ever, consider picking up a Golden Filoptera (they have been added to each map). They will increase the number of items left on the ground by attacking other monsters. We have often found rare gems this way. But beware, the duration of the Golden Filoptera is relatively short (about 2 or 3 minutes). To reduce farming, lure a monster to your target at the start of the hunt, and catch the Golden Filoptera as you pass.

  • You can view the position of different types of objects on the map with the Sniff option on your Chumsky (if you have one with you), this is very useful for tracking down Golden Filoptera and other harvest points.
  • A new Owl Nest can be found in Elgado Outpost. He’s above the command center arch. It fills with useful objects during quests. Remember to empty it (with Kamura’s) regularly.

Paragon quests offer you to go hunting solo exclusively, but accompanied by a story NPC. We advise you to do these quests, even if they don’t interest you that much, since they allow you to unlock fantastic royal weapons and armor. They are very pretty, but also fearsome, with a large amount of purple edge (if any).

Camps and Fast Travel

There are two major new maps in the expansion, the Jungle and the Citadel. There is an additional camp to unlock in each of them. Here is their position on the map.

A new Pilpoil Recognition system has been added. While exploring the map, you will come across 2 positions per map, on which a Pilpoil scout can be sent (from the NPC in town). Thereafter, you can fast travel to one of these points, once per hunt. It saves time, as well as comfort, if it is placed in a position that is difficult to access.

Monsters and fights

  • Master rank monsters really hurt, and this is even more true for Anomalies encountered at high level. Consider quickly using Master Rank armor, as well as the new Rank 4 Jewels . Placing anti-stun and defense gems on your gear will really save your life. The Blessing 3 talent , and the level 4 Dango Defender in the canteen will also contribute to saving your life regularly.
  • The new bleed-type debuff can be cured with Prime Steaks, Immunization Potions, Sushifish, or by crouching for a few seconds.
  • Gore Magala’s Fury disease is cured by inflicting enough damage to monsters. It then turns into an affinity bonus. If you wait too long, you will instead suffer vulnerability to damage. You can delay filling the bar by consuming healing berries.
  • Malzeno and Anomaly monsters apply a bloody debuff to your hunter. This will greatly reduce healing power, but dealing damage will heal you.
  • It is possible to protect yourself from these 3 new formidable debuffs by using an Antidobra-type Bidulon (the green snake). It grants immunity for a few minutes.

  • After completing the story, you are going to encounter more dangerous monsters that also have an absurd amount of hit points. Attacking red areas on Abnormal mobs will deal massive damage to them, and they will also eventually fall to the ground.
  • Breaking the parts of abnormal monsters gives additional rewards. Their disproportionate amount of life makes it relatively easy to kill them.
  • The difficulty level of the expansion is much higher than that of the base game. It is normal to fail occasionally. Learn to manage the movements of monsters, while mastering the new capabilities of your weapons.

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