Moms-to-be, these baby shower themes for boys are here to inspire you

Having a baby is the most magical time for women and men alike. It is definitely one of the most looked forward to moments in every person’s life. A baby makes a family whole, especially for young newlyweds. It is also a bit stressful, though. Carrying a baby for 9 months changes a woman’s body a lot. The final couple of months can also be stressful for the soon-to-be dad, as well. Mostly, because that is the time for making a baby room and buying all the furniture and accessories the baby is going to need. In conclusion, getting ready to welcome a newborn into your home is a lot of work. However, there is one particular fun activity that all future parents look forward to – the baby shower. We have gathered the best baby shower themes for boys to inspire everyone throwing a shower for the parents-to-be.

What is a baby shower?

The baby shower is a party for a woman, who is expecting a child, where friends and relatives bring gifts for the baby. It is usually an all-female type of party, however, nowadays, more and more families opt out for co-ed baby showers, where the father and his friends are invited as well. Usually, it is a close friends’ responsibility to throw a baby shower. Furthermore, a distant relative, like a cousin or an aunt, can also throw the party. The term shower implies that the person, who the party is for, will be “showered” with gifts. That is why, neither the parents of the expecting couple, nor the couple themselves throw the party. According to some people, that is considered rude, as if the parents are asking for gifts.

What are the best and most unique baby shower themes for boys?

There are great baby shower theme ideas related to different characters, for example. What’s more, many people choose Disney themes for their showers. And, because we are discussing baby shower themes for boys, sports themed baby shower is always a good idea, as well. When throwing a baby shower, consider what the parents like. For example, I have a friend who was about to have a little girl, but she said that she doesn’t want any pink clothes. She didn’t want to dress her little baby girl in stereotypical pink. So, it was interesting to see what people had come up with for presents with that in mind. To sum up, it is important what do the parents like. Are they creative and artistic, or, maybe, they are sports obsessed? Maybe they are doctors? Simply, ask yourself what would they want for their child.

Twinkle little star baby shower themes for boys

Gender-neutral baby shower theme ideas

What are the best baby shower decoration ideas for boy?

The good news is, that, when it comes to decorations you have a lot of options. First of all, for a baby shower for a boy, it is always easy to go with blue. We, however, strongly believe in freedom of choice, so instead of being stereotypical, be creative. Furthermore, there are so many beautiful decoration ideas with different colours and themes. You can have blue motifs or choose a color palette, which involves blue. Include lots of flowers and balloons, as well. Your main dessert table should be the main focus. If the parents have already decided on the name, why not hang it on the wall.

Rustic baby shower decoration ideas

It is also very popular to choose a specific theme for a baby shower. Disney characters, characters from children’s books or movies, the good news is, you have many options.

Beautiful hot air balloon themed baby shower

Very simple gender-neutral baby shower decoration

Above all, sweets are a very important aspect of a baby shower. There is usually a beautiful cake, serving as a centrepiece. It is usually surrounded by lots of beautifully decorated cupcakes, cake-pops and cookies. All of them are in the same theme, or share the same colours. Furthermore, you can decorate the table with different flower bouquets, or beautiful letters or ribbons.

Beautiful decoration in blue and white

Teddy bear inspired baby shower decoration

Sports themed baby shower decoration ideas for boy

Harry Potter inspired baby shower themes for boys

Beautiful and simple nature inspired decoration

Choosing a gift for a baby shower can be a rather tricky thing. Usually, couples have a registry to make it easier for you. If they don’t, however, you should definitely choose something that is going to come in handy. They would much rather have something they are going to actually need. A fun idea for a gift is a diaper cake. Instead of getting a bunch of diapers, you create a cake made out of diapers to wow all of the guest. What’s more we have a step-by-step-tutorial for you.

DIY diaper cake

What are you going to need for the DIY diaper cake?

  1. 12″, 10″, and 8″ round cake pans
  2. Large box of diapers
  3. Rubber bands
  4. Colourful ribbons (in this tutorial there are two ribbons – blue and white, but feel free to choose your own colours and decorations)
  5. Personalised tags and labels
  6. Wooden skewer

DIY simple diaper cake

Use the cake pans starting with the largest one at the bottom. Fan out the diapers in the cake pan and before removing them from it, secure them with a rubber band.

Fan out the diapers in a cake pan

Use the ribbons around the layers, so that the rubber bands are hidden.

Decorate with ribbons

Use the personalised labels and tags to decorate

Use the wooden skewer and tags to create a cake topper

Beautiful baby shower invitations

Fun baby shower invitation in the shape of a onesie

Baby shower cake centrepieces for boys

Fun gender-neutral cookies for a baby shower

Baby predictions and advice game for your guests to have fun

Fun game for your guests to guess the date of birth of the baby

Cute baby shower favour

Unique baby shower themes for boys


Beautiful baby shower invitations

Sweet treats for your guests

Sweets for young and old alike

A little something for the adults to enjoy, as well

Challenge your guests with these fun games

Fun favours for your guests

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