MobiScribe: An E-Ink Display That Writes Like Paper

Do you enjoy the feel of writing on paper, but aren’t a fan of the inconveniences that come with actual paper? A new device called MobiScribe might be exactly what you’re looking for, as it takes E-Ink technology and a stylus to create the look and feel of paper but without the drawbacks. Or at least, that’s the goal.

MobiScribe Features

When it comes to taking notes, keeping schedules, and drawing, there’s nothing like the feel of pen and paper. While MobiScribe isn’t actually paper, it promises to feel much closer than writing on a tablet or a laptop.

MobiScribe is all about taking some of the conveniences offered by modern technology and combining them with the comfort and feel offered by old-school pen and paper. The E-ink tech provides a look and feel that’s closer to paper than a tablet, but the apps and Wi-Fi allow it to do more than a regular piece of paper ever could.

There’s a preinstalled Note app that offers all kinds of functionality that would require a wide range of notebooks. There’s a general note pad, music writing sheets, graph paper, and plenty of other types of paper to choose from.

The device has pressure sensitivity, so as you push down harder with the stylus, your pen, marker, or pencil will become darker, just like it would on a real piece of paper. Though you don’t need to worry about breaking the tip off the pencil, which is a nice bonus offered by modern technology.

Outside of writing and drawing, you can also use MobiScribe as an e-reader for a variety of ebook files. It supports .mobi, .epub, .pdf, .txt, azw3, .azw, .fb2, .prc, and others. If you have a book you want to read on this device, chances are great that it’ll support it. It even supports comics in the .cbz and .cbr formats.

MobiScribe Availability

The team behind MobiScribe is seeking funding on Indiegogo to bring its E-ink notepad to market. It’s exceeded its funding goal by a large margin and is currently in the production stage, which means you can still pre-order one, but it hasn’t started shipping yet. However, you won’t have to wait too long, as they plan to ship the devices in August 2019. If you’re interested in ordering one, you’ll need to spend $214. That’ll get you the notepad, a cover, and a stylus.

As with any crowdfunding project, there are risks involved and there are some things you should consider before deciding whether to back one with your hard-earned money.

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