Minecraft Dungeons: Unlock Secret Levels & Locations

all Minecraft Dungeons secret levels unlock

Secret Levels in Minecraft Dungeons

In Minecraft Dungeons, in addition to the main story missions, there are some hidden levels that can be unlocked.There are a total of 5 secret levels. Some of them are easy to find while some may take some work. Below we have detailed all of the hidden levels and how to unlock them.

One thing to keep in mind is that Minecraft Dungeons has procedurally generated maps and because of that each player’s map will be different from others.

How many secret levels in minecraft dungeons?

We Have Discover with our experience that Minecraft dungeons have 5 Secret levels list:

  • Creepy Crypt
  • Soggy Cave
  • Arch Haven
  • Underhalls
  • Cow Level
Secret Levels in Minecraft Dungeons

Cow Level: How To Unlock

You need to collect 9 runes at main mission levels to unlock this cow mod. Runes are at specific locations of those levels and you would need our guide to find them all!

How To Unlock Arch Haven

LocationPumpkin Pastures

You need to visit the Pumpkin Pastures level and go around the map to find a pirate ship. The ship’s accessibility may be random so you may need to go through the level a few times before accessing the ship.

How To Unlock Creepy Crypt

LocationCreeper Woods

To unlock the Creepy Crypt, you need to find the stone building deep within Creeper Woods. You need to open the door using a switch and pick up the map location scroll to unlock the mission.

How To Unlock Soggy Cave

LocationSoggy Swamp

Pick up the scroll when you enter the cave in Soggy Swamp. You need to fully explore the dungeon to find the entrance.

How To Unlock Underhall

LocationHighblock Halls

To unlock Underhall, find a room with two shields by a seemingly false door. Click the left shield and enter into the Underhall, grab the map location scroll to unlock the level.


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