Master Your Raspberry Pi and Build Alexa Apps With This $29 Training Bundle

For anyone interested in the internet of Things and smart home automation, the Raspberry Pi is a brilliant educational tool. This microcomputer makes it easy to create amazing setups using your own code and hardware. If you’re new to this game, the Complete Raspberry Pi & Alexa A-Z Bundle can help you get started. The bundle includes four courses and 10 hours of video tutorials — and it’s now just $29 at MakeUseOf Deals.

Raspberry-Flavored Alexa

Although the Raspberry Pi is a very capable Linux computer, it was actually designed to help people get started with code and electronics. This training bundle helps you unleash the full potential of your tiny machine, with hours of hands-on training.

Through concise video lessons, you discover how to connect LEDs, switches, sensors, and other components to your Pi. At the same time, you learn how to write your first lines of Python code. With the basics in place, you start work on a range of fun projects — from a simple web server to a tiny games console.

The training also looks at Alexa, and how you can use Amazon’s voice assistant in your own future projects. You actually end up building an Amazon Echo clone and coding your own Alexa skills from scratch.

10 Hours of Training for $29

Order now for just $29 to get your hands on this bundle, worth over $300.

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