Marvel SuperHeroes 2 Cheats Codes List – Lego Marvel SuperHeroes 2

Marvel SuperHeroes 2 cheat codes

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is an action-adventure video game developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by WB Games, released on November 14, 2017 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows and on December 1, 2017, on Nintendo Switch. The main theme of the game is time travel. and we have loaded some cheat codes for this game, Marvel Super Heroes 2 available on PS4, Xbox one Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Lego Superheroes 2 Cheat Codes

lego Marvel SuperHeroes 2 cheat codes

Marvel Super Heroes 2 include many cheats codes below, for Maestro, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, and Antman.

Marvel SuperHeroes 2 Cheats Codes

  • cheat code for Ant-Man: BCR7QJ 
  • cheat code for Baby Groot (Ravager): QG3VH9
  • cheat code for Captain Britain: M68P3L
  • cheat code for Crimson Dynamo: CDS278
  • cheat code for Darkstar: S947TP 
  • cheat code for Giant-Man: GAVK9R
  • cheat code for Grandmaster (Ragnarok): LBYT59
  • cheat code for Green Goblin: XG7SAL
  • cheat code for Hawkeye: G6K2VM
  • cheat code for Hellcow: NCMJU4
  • cheat code for Hulkling: 5G7HFS
  • cheat code for Loki: JDNQMV
  • cheat code for Maestro: HCE926
  • cheat code for Militant: UUTZNC
  • cheat code Misty Knight: BK9B3Y
  • cheat code Ragnarok: HL7L7Y
  • cheat code Scarlet Spider: JD9GQA
  • heat code Songbird: D6LJ4P
  • cheat code Spider-Man UK: RMADXF
  • cheat code Spider-Woman: CW9BRS
  • cheat code Vision (Civil War): 4U9DAT
  • cheat code Vulture (Homecoming): 7KDY3L
  • cheat code Winter Soldier: 8KD3F6

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