What is Mario Kart Tour Thwomps? Tips for the challenge asking you to reverse

Mario Kart Tour Thwomps, what is it? Tip for the challenge asking you to reverse

Do you want to spill 3 Thwomps? We explain how to achieve this challenge in Mario Kart Tour!

thwomps mario kart

In Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo has set up many challenges that allow you to recover gold coins and even rubies. These challenges are not always extremely simple, that’s why we offer you a tip to complete the challenge “topple 3 Thwomps” in MKT.

Thwomp in Mario Kart Tour

thwomps mario kart

The circuits with Thwomps can be counted on the fingers of the hand and they are not all adequate to realize the challenge of reversing 3 Thwomps. Rainbow Road has 4 sets of 2 Thwomps throughout the race. However, they are improved by a star and can not be reversed. The best race to meet this challenge is the bonus round of the cup Luigi (6 th section).

This race, which is a challenge for players, has many advantages:

  • The departure is done last, so it is much easier to find Mega Champi and frenzies
  • This is a bonus event and not a race. On arrival out of the top 3 will not bring a loss of experience for the level of the player. So you can start again the race to infinity
  • The common wing “Piranha Plant Paragliding” makes it possible to obtain Mega Champis more frequently

To overthrow a Thwomp, just go right in with his kart being improved with the Mega Champi. Use Bowser to maximize your chances with his frenzy proc!

The use of Bowser’s bob-OMB and shell also work to topple these iron heads. In the current situation, it would be useless to try to realize the challenge using the super horn because the 5 Thwomps are located after the first 2 sets of objects, which does not allow us to obtain it given the retracted position of the player in the race.

If you want to see what it looks like in the situation, here is a video! 

Video of the challenge to reverse three Thwomps (Credits Hydrofeu / Breakflip)

If we summarize:

  • Go to the “Great Race in Reverse” bonus event in the Mario Baby Cup (in 50cc, it’s better to control its speed);
  • Take the kart and the driver of your choice with the Piranha Paragliding Plant
  • Use a Mega Champi and go head-to-head in the Thwomps
  • Finish the race!

If you have finished all the races, think about the various challenges offered by Nintendo, it allows you to have nice rewards. Do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article with all the challenges of the game and to help you in comments, you are already very numerous!

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