Mario Kart Tour : Add Friends Guide

The Mario Kart series is all about playing with friends. While that’s not really the same with Mario Kart Tour, you do still have a friends list and can add them for various purposes. But while the option is there, the game doesn’t break down the whole process. To help, here’s how to add friends in Mario Kart Tour for Android and iPhone.

Mario Kart Tour : How to Add Friends

Mario Kart Tour Add Friends

The first you need to keep in mind when it comes to how to adding friends in Mario Kart Tour is that the game locks this option off at the beginning. Players will need to know how to unlock Ranking before they even think about how to add friends. Once that key step is over, you can start populating your friend list in the mobile game. Once you’re ready, here’s how to do it.

Simply go into the Settings menu available right from the front page of Mario Kart Tour. There you’ll see the newly unlocked Friends option. Select it and you will see your own 12 digit Friend Code. This is the key to adding or being added as a friend. Share this code with anyone who you might want to add you to their Friend list, and get it from anyone you want added to yours. Once you have the code just enter it here to add that friend to your list.

And that’s how to add friends in Mario Kart Tour for Android and iPhone. Once added you can check up on your Friends to see how they compare in races and you may eventually be able to play against each other, though that feature is not available at this time.

There’s no better way to play a Nintendo game than with your friends, especially if it’s Mario Kart because there’s no way to tell you to care without screaming angrily at them while they send a blue shell at you during your near first-place victory. The same goes for Mario Kart Tour, the latest mobile game from Nintendo inspired by the Mario Kart franchise. Can you add friends to your mobile game profile?

How to Add Friends in Mario Kart Tour

The friend’s program is going to happen when the ranking system opens up in the game, which unlocks when you complete the Yoshi Race. When the ranking information unlocks, you’re going to find yourself needing the Nintendo Code from your friends. Go to the “Friends,” section in the game, and you’re going to see a 12 digit code available you can give to your friends. When you provide this code to them, they’re going to have the chance to send you a friend request, and you can accept it from them.

You’re going to accept friend requests by waiting for the notification to come to your phone. From there, click on the “Add Friends,” icon at the top, and you should see the recent friend request at the top, which you can choose to accept or decline.

When you get the opportunity to add friends, you can view how they’re doing compared to you in races and see their nickname tied to their profile. Hopefully, in the future, when multiplayer comes out, you and a buddy can compete against AI or other players on the same track. You might be able to party up and jump into matches, making matchmaking a little bit easier and the process of waiting to find a proper race not as unbearable.

The multiplayer function has not released yet, and we’ll learn more about how players can play with their friends online when this comes out. The multiplayer mode is going to unlock in a future update, likely sometime in October given the overall positive reaction of the game.

Editors Note: A previously published version of this article misstated friends were tied to multiplayer and not the game’s ranking system. This error has been corrected.

How to Change Between 50, 100, and 150CC in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour has races in different CC classes. To unlock three of them, you need to race, and win those races, to reach Player Level 3. You start with access to the 50cc races and will unlock 100cc at level 2, and 150cc at level 3. To get access to 200cc races, you need to purchase the Gold Pass.

How To Change CC In Mario Kart Tour

Change CC

To change CC, you need to do it just before the race starts. Begin by selecting your course. Then choose your driver, kart, and glider. The next screen will show you what CC the race is. To change it, click on the button showing the CC and the available options will pop up. Choose the one you want, then hit OK to start the race.

Keep in mind that CC won’t just change the speed of the race; it will also change the enemy driver behavior. As you increase the CC, they will drive better, be more aggressive with items, and generally work harder to win.

The easiest way to look at the CC of the race is as the difficulty. 50cc is the easiest, 100cc is medium, 150cc is hard, and 200cc is the hardest. You will also earn more points in the higher difficulty races, and can earn more Stars for completing them. 

It is a good idea to get used to the controls at 50cc, then start working your way up the difficulty to ensure you are getting the highest points and best possible score. This will also prepare you better for the multiplayer component of the game, which will be unlocking at a future date.TAGSMARIO KART TOURHOW TO CHANGE CC

Mario Kart Tour- Are you racing against bots or other players?

Photo via Metro

Mario Kart Tour has been live for over 12 hours today, and so far it has been an innovative and fun game despite being on mobile devices. However, there is one question that has been asked even before the game’s launch from places like Reddit: are we playing with live players or with bots? 

Mario Kart Tour- Are you racing against bots or other players?

The answer is somewhat confusing, but simple at the same time. While the names of the racers we face against have a ton of variety, ranging from English to Japanese names, we are playing against bots. The match does not even start until the player taps on their mobile device. This goes the same for the tutorial mode where the bots wait until the player begins the race. 

This also adds the fact that loading times for races are swift. If real-life people were playing the same race track at the same time as you, it would take some time like playing Mario Kart online. 

The game will get progressively hard with the more cups you do, but it also takes away that we are only playing with bots and not with friends or anyone else live. You can even pause the game and come back to it whenever you like, so it defeats the purpose of playing live at the moment. 

Hopefully, in the future, the multiplayer will give players a chance to be competitive on the go just like in previous main series titles. It is the game’s launch date, after all, so over time, Mario Kart Tour will find its place and update continuously with more content and offer competitive play between friends and people from all over the world. TAGSMARIO KART TOUR

Mario Kart Tour: How to Equip Badges

Mario Kart Tour Equip Badges

The systems in Mario Kart Tour do not detail everything. A critical part of the game is deciding if you’re going to get the Mario Kart Tour Gold Tour Pass. The Gold Tour Pass is a monthly subscription service to the mobile application giving players access to exclusive content those who are playing the game for free are not going to have access to in the game. Badges are one of these pieces of content.

How to Equip Badges in Mario Kart Tour

Badges exclusively go to those who have the Gold Tour Pass on their account. Without it, players are not going to have any badges added to their account. It’s another, exclusive method for players to figure who is paying for the game and who is playing it through the free-to-play model. While they do not have too much merit, the badges standout with the golden-colored icons.

Players are going to access these badges by completing challenges, which unlocks when they complete seven cups in Mario Kart Tour. For some, it may not take too long to complete an entire cup. However, given the complexity and internet connection, this process can take longer than a good chunk of the afternoon. When players unlock challenges, they can try their best to complete them.

To add them to their profile, they need first to complete the challenges in the challenge section. They work similarly to the attempt players have to make after they complete three of the four races for a cup. When the challenge unlocks, players can view the badge in the “challenge,” section of their menu, and when they can find it, click on the challenge to add the badge to their profile. It’ll show up next to their name if others compete against their AI persona.TAGSMARIO KART TOUR

Mario Kart Tour – Can You Play With Friends?

Mario Kart Tour - Can You Play With Friends?

With Mario Kart Tour having just launched, there are still a few features missing from its core. The main feature currently missing is the online multiplayer, where you can play alongside your friends.

Mario Kart Tour – Can You Play With Friends?

So, the short answer for if you can play with friends: no. And a slightly longer answer: not yet.

Mario Kart Tour currently only runs single player for their Tour Cup’s or their single-player practice rounds against AI enemies. This was the same back when the Beta had launched a few months back in May. And since its launch, it has been the same save for the inclusion of the Gold Pass subscription of $4.99 per month for exclusive rewards.

However, with a look at the main menu on the Mario Kart Tour, there is shown grayed out ‘multiplayer’ UI with the word ‘Inbound!’ across it, in the bottom right corner of the menu icons.

Mario Kart Tour Play With Friends

This implies that online multiplayer is on its way. There is no information on whether the Gold Pass will be the only way to be able to play the upcoming multiplayer options, or if it will be available for the entire public. Along with the online multiplayer, there is the possibility of PvP being added in, though it’s unclear as to what it might bring to the game or if it’s an addition to the multiplayer game mode.

As of currently, there is no set date or confirmed time for when multiplayer will be added as a basic feature. So soon you’ll be able to play with your friends online, just not yet.TAGSMARIO KART TOUR

All New Tracks Added to Mario Kart Tour

All New Tracks Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour went live earlier this morning. We’ve been racing around the track, trying to learn more about it quickly. Right now, we’re learning about some of the new tracks getting featured in the game. There are several returning favorites coming back to the franchise, too. Here are the new courses you’re going to see in the game, along with what the developers have mapped out for the game in the future.

All New Tracks in Mario Kart Tour

At launch, the developers only have one new track to the game. It’s the New York Minute track. The developers designed the track using inspirations from locations throughout New York, using the real-world city to influence and provide a unique aesthetic to the Mario Kart environment.

For now, that’s the one only among the ten courses for the entire game. The other courses are revamped versions of tracks showcased in previous Mario Kart games throughout the franchise’s lifetime. If you’re a returning and lifelong fan of the game, you’re going to notice several throwbacks to some of the more iconic locations from Mario Kart. 

However, are you going to see new tracks?

The answer is yes, you will. The developers, at this time, have detailed plans of wanting to release new tracks to the map every two weeks. These tracks are going to have inspirations from other iconic cities around the real-world, such as Paris and London. Players who are looking forward to playing on new tracks are not going to have to wait too long for new content to drop for the game.

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