Make Money as a TaskRabbit Tasker: Here’s How It Works

If you practice a trade and want to find people to work for, TaskRabbit might be able to help you. But what is this service, and how can you use it to your benefit?

Let’s take a closer look at TaskRabbit and see if it’s worth your time.

What Is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is a service that pairs together experts with the people who need them. If your plumbing has broken down, you can use TaskRabbit to find someone to fix it. Likewise, if you’re moving furniture into your new home, you can find someone on the website who can do it for you.

Clients can find a task by setting the amount they want to pay for the job. They can then find TaskRabbit taskers who wish to work for that amount of money.

Likewise, if you’re someone who wants to do tasks for a client (known on the website as a “tasker”), you can state how much you want to work. Then, you’ll get informed when requests are posted that match your desired wage.

How Do You Work for TaskRabbit?

Working for TaskRabbit takes a little bit of preparation. You have to fill out an application form on TaskRabbit’s website and let them know your specialties and the kind of work you want to do. You also need to pass a security check to ensure you’re safe to work with, then pay a non-refundable $20 registration fee.

Once you’re all set up, you’ll get listed as available to hire within your local area. People can then approach you if they require your expertise in a specific area. You’ll also get notified when people put up an advertisement for a job that fits your desired pay and skills.

What Can You Do as a TaskRabbit Tasker?

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Pretty much anything! It all depends on what you want to lend yourself to, and the expertise you have to offer. The more you can demonstrate your mastery in a specific area, the more attractive you become to clients looking for your skills.

From handymen to movers, you can track your local area and receive alerts when your skills are in demand. This feature makes TaskRabbit a great side-hustle (or even a full-time job) for people who want to lend their talents to people in need.

Even if you’re not a specialist, you can use TaskRabbit to perform simple jobs that don’t require many skills. For instance, if you can stand in a line, you can find work on TaskRabbit! If someone doesn’t feel like queueing up to purchase tickets or gifts, they can hire someone on TaskRabbit to stand in line and buy the item in their stead.

Because you can’t automate these jobs, there will always be someone on the lookout for a TaskRabbit tasker to perform them so that you won’t run out of these jobs quickly.

Can You Make a Living as a TaskRabbit Tasker?

Turning your TaskRabbit tasker role into a full-time gig depends on two things: your skills and your locale. Both of these need to be in harmony to turn over a significant income.

How Your Skills Help

By having demonstratable skill in your profession, you’ll generate more confidence in potential clients and get approached by more people. This confidence then equates to more opportunities for you, and more pay as a result. As you get more jobs and do them well, you get more good reviews, which then makes you more trustworthy to new clients, which then gets you more opportunities.

How Locale Helps

TaskRabbit’s job opportunities focus on your local area. As such, the amount of work available to you depends on the area in which you’re working. If you live in a big city, you should find many clients in need of work; more rural areas, however, may see work slowly trickle in.

The locale also affects the amount of competition you’ll face. If you’re living in a city, you’ll find a lot of people wanting queue-waiting jobs done. At the same time, however, you’ll be fighting for a job over other TaskRabbit taskers who have higher reviews and a longer track record. In contrast, rural areas are quieter, but you’re far more likely to land gigs.

The Potential of TaskRabbit

As for the potential for success with TaskRabbit, some people have made a living with the site. The Penny Hoarder reported on Brian Schrier, a Taster who earned $2,000 a week on the site. Of course, these kinds of examples are the exception instead of the norm, but it shows the potential is there. If you’re in a suitable locale, can adapt to any job, and have a flexible schedule, you could make a living with the site!

What Are People Saying About TaskRabbit?

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What Student Loan Hero Says

TaskRabbit reviews are somewhat mixed. Student Loan Hero tells the story of Tomar, who managed to make $60 an hour doing jobs he loved. Unfortunately, this is very much a one-off success story, perhaps selected due to how well Tomar did.

What Reddit Says

If you dig a little deeper, you can see how Brian and Tomar aren’t typical cases. Several Reddit threads asking for general opinions reveal another side. For example, in the thread “Signing up as a Tasker on – is it worth paying $20 for?,” the top-rated comment says this:

“I never worked for taskrabbit but I looked into this extensively because I was considering it for the summer. My conclusion was that it wasn’t worth it. The company seems to have changed the way it works so the contractors ie taskers are worse off. It’s very much like Uber where you could make a lot of money but most people don’t.

Moreover, you have to factor in the need to provide your own transportation and often times tools. […] I think you’re better off getting a regular part time job.”

Despite this, a more positive note can be found below:

“I use to be a tasker. It was great! I didnt quit my job over it but it was good walking around money! […] I was making about 200 a week when I really put my time and energy into it. Over the 2 years I did it I made about 3k. As soon as you become a tasker, task are immediately available.

When your rating start to climb people will hire you directly. […] I had a person give me $20 plus a $20 cash tip to pick up their laundry from across the street. Literally took me 15mins to complete the task.”

As such, people seem to be agreeing that while you can’t make a living off of it, it can be a rewarding side gig to earn extra cash. You can easily add it to your collection of micro jobs you can do in your free time.

Making the Job Hunt Easier With TaskRabbit

While you may not be making a killing with TaskRabbit, it can be a rewarding side-gig if you have spare time on your hands. Who knows; with a little hard work and a lot of luck, you may end up striking gold!

Fancy something a little more robust? Perhaps consider an entry-level IT job!

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