Large Home Tree by Ignatov Architects

This 750 square meters house is located in Zvezditsa near Varna, Bulgaria and is overlooking the nearby forest, somewhat blending in with its large windows.

From Bignatov Studio:

This 3-year case study brought us to unimagined places and experiences. It all started with a phone call from a client asking for a large rural house with a big winter garden overlooking the surrounding forest . Steep site formerly used as an illegal waste dump five thousands miles away from our office presented the rest of the challenge. We began brainstorming with putting the winter garden on top of the living spaces for catching maximum sunlight and with the desire for compact building with minimal footprint on site. The resulting concept suggested constructing (or even better growing) of a new ‘Home Tree’ that would accommodate to slope, exposure, air currents, precipitation and views, while providing shelter and support for its inhabitants, both people and plants. In the course of correspondence between New York and Varna we got so much excited about this idea that at the end we literary moved to site during construction. The experimental nature of this project required constant research and trials allowing us to grow with the Home Tree’s growth.

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