Kitchen island ideas for a stylish and modern kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home. Any good housewife knows that the kitchen should be very welcoming to guests, as well as the whole family. The kitchen is where the family gathers for meals, shares stories from their day and talk the night away. That is why, it is very important to have a super cozy and easy-to-use kitchen. However, it can still be stylish, modern and trendy. Kitchen islands have been around for some time now. Nowadays, however, they have become a must-have for any modern kitchen. So, today we are going to look at beautiful kitchen island ideas and share them with you.

Kitchen island ideas for a modern kitchen

What are the benefits of having a kitchen island you might ask? Well, there are quite a few:

  1. More counter space. Adding a kitchen island doesn’t just make your kitchen modern, it also adds more counter space. That way, you are going to be able to cook 100 meals at once and prove everyone just how good of a hostess you are. You can even use the added space to add some fruit baskets or a vase with flowers. This will add some character and coziness to your kitchen.
  2. More storage space. Need I say more. Integrate cabinets and drawers into your kitchen island and you get sooo much more storage space.
  3. Extra seating. You can use your kitchen island as a dinner table as well. Just add a few high stools and you are all set. If, however, that is the case, be careful when you decide how to build it and think of the leg space. It is important to be comfortable when dining.
  4. Install appliances. You can have your sink on your kitchen island. You can even have your stove built in. Electrical outlets are also helpful for plugging in everything you might need to use, instead of wondering how to get your mixer on the other side of your kitchen.

Beautiful minimalist kitchen design

Another thing you might need to consider is what type of an island would suit your kitchen best. So, what types of kitchen islands are there?

  1. Floating kitchen islands. This type of islands is very beautiful. They usually have LED lights installed on the bottom, so they look like they are floating. This brings a super modern and contemporary look to your kitchen.
  2. Colourful kitchen islands. If you have decided to have a monochromatic kitchen, but sill want a little splash of colour, having a coloured kitchen island is a great idea. Whoever walks into your kitchen will have his eyes drawn to your beautiful kitchen island.
  3. Multi-level kitchen island. Want to feel like a real bartender? Then, install a multi-level kitchen island. Have your sink on the bottom level and the counter space on top. That way you might hide a sink full of unwashed dished a little bit, for example. What’s more, whoever sits on the bar stools will feel as if they are in a real bar, which is great for party evenings.
  4. Kitchen island with a waterfall countertop. What is a waterfall countertop? This is when the material with which your countertop has been made goes all the way down to the floor. This type of kitchen islands look beautiful and create the optical illusion that they are bigger. So, if you don’t have enough space and you opt for a small island, having a waterfall countertop is the best solution.
  5. Curved kitchen island. Another good solution for smaller kitchens. Curved kitchen islands create the visual illusion of more space. Plus, less corners to bump into! That way, you can also create more seating space with a rounder shape. People nowadays tend to get very creative and go so far as to create intricately shaped kitchen islands, so you go ahead and let your imagination run wild!

Kitchen island ideas in black and white

To sum up, whichever type of kitchen island you choose, it will definitely be a good idea. They will bring style and class into your kitchen, for sure. What’s more, they are so handy and can be used for more storage, more seating space and even built-in appliances. So, go ahead and scroll through our gallery to get inspiration for your very own kitchen island ideas.

Kitchen island adding a splash of colour in an otherwise all-white kitchen

More seating space is always a plus

Kitchen ideas in grey and white – minimalist and beautiful

Incorporate wood into your kitchen to bring coziness into it

Cooking with a view

This kitchen island is simply stunning

What do you think of this gorgeous kitchen island decor

Great example of a curved kitchen island

Stunning minimalist kitchen decor

Large kitchen island with seating

Wooden kitchen island cabinets – great option

Wood and marble – always a great match

An aquarium kitchen island – thinking out of the box

Small kitchen island with seating

Great space for an overhead venting

Kitchen island with seating for 4

Bring the bar to your kitchen and your friends will never leave your house

Floating kitchen island

Minimalist kitchen island with sink

Kitchen island with stove

Narrow kitchen island

Kitchen island with bar seating

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